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McKinsey Center for Advanced Connectivity

Bringing together technical knowledge, industry experts, and new research to capture the opportunity presented by advances in connectivity.
The world’s digital connections are about to become broader and faster, creating a platform for every industry to innovate and boost productivity. While 5G networks promise ultra-high speeds, low latency, and greater reliability, the 5G revolution is only one part of the story. There’s also an evolution in existing technologies, with new generations of fiber, cable, Wi-Fi, and short-range technologies.
The McKinsey Global Institute identified hundreds of applications that companies can run on this new digital backbone, which could increase GDP by trillions across the global economy. Yet to realize the full value at stake, persistent issues need to be solved. The McKinsey Center for Advanced Connectivity brings together McKinsey’s experts in connectivity with the firm’s knowledge within individual sectors to help clients overcome these hurdles and capture the opportunity of a more connected world.


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Featured insights


Laying the foundation to accelerate the enterprise IoT journey

– Wienke Giezeman is building and serving an IoT ecosystem by offering open-source tools and a “workbench” on which to build solutions.

Unlocking the value of 5G in the B2C marketplace

– Telcos are confident they can monetize 5G core in the B2B arena, but the value proposition for consumers is less clear. A slew of promising innovations could change that.

Connected world: An evolution in connectivity beyond the 5G revolution

– Connectivity is undergoing evolutionary change in most parts of the world—and, in select areas, a genuine leap into the frontier.

Reliably connecting the workforce of the future (which is now)

– The pandemic magnified existing trends and challenges affecting the way workers function. Always-on, cellular-connected devices may now finally break out of their niche.

Unleashing developers’ full talents: An interview with Twilio’s CEO

– Jeff Lawson talks about software’s growing digital supply chain, the future of flexible work, and the origins of both his communications-platform company and his new book, Ask Your Developer.

Breaking through the hype: The real-world benefits of 5G connectivity

– 5G offers a level of connectivity that could transform the shop floor. Here’s how leaders use today’s technologies to secure supply chains and create value, despite the challenges of deployment.

How tapping connectivity in oil and gas can fuel higher performance

– Price and demand pressures in the oil and gas sector make the potential value embedded in advanced connectivity for exploration... and production more important than ever.

Agriculture’s connected future: How technology can yield new growth

– One of the oldest industries must embrace a digital, connectivity-fueled transformation in order to overcome increasing demand... and several disruptive forces.

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Satellite internet’s new era: Making the price right

– New large LEO constellations are on the cusp of deployment, but their long-term success hinges on substantial cost reductions.
Blog Post

Smarter factories: How 5G can jump-start Industry 4.0

– Even as manufacturing has made technological strides, communications limitations have proven to be an obstacle to more dramatic, valuable change. Advanced connectivity could be the missing ingredient.
Blog Post

Can connectivity help narrow the growing retailer gap?

– With e-commerce continuing to fuel consumer expectations, traditional retailers may find new, tech-driven use cases are just the boost they need.
Blog Post

Healthcare’s connectivity cure?

– Technology has long been touted as the solution to many of modern medicine’s ills, but it may finally reach its potential over the next, connectivity-fueled decade.

featured videos

Designing the 5G factory of the future

McKinsey's Center for Advanced Connectivity helped a leading equipment manufacturer build a greenfield factory of the future.

Connected World: A broader evolution beyond the 5G evolution

The world's digital connections are about to become broader and faster, creating a platform for every industry to innovate and boost productivity.

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How our latest work helps leaders get ready for the 5G revolution

– A new McKinsey report and center will guide organizations through the evolving field of advanced connectivity.

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