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How Japan can make digital ‘big moves’ to drive growth and productivity

– The country could build digital talent and applications across major areas of industry and government to improve digital competitiveness.

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Mobilizing women to step up as leaders in Japan

– What can organizations do to help talented women step up into leadership positions? In this report, we outline the actions that... companies can take to support the advancement of women in Japan.

From principle to practice: Making stakeholder capitalism work

– Just as with other business priorities, stakeholder capitalism is a matter of execution. Here are five steps to get it right.

Measuring Impact: Causal analysis of Medical Science Liaisons satisfaction

Learn how QuantumBlack conducted AI based causal analysis for Medical Affairs. Discover key drivers of MSL impact.

Why is Japan's sales productivity so low

– The objective of sales efficiency reform is not to reduce the number of sales staff, but to achieve significant improvement in... the skills and save resources toward new customer development and to grow the company. In addition to recent work-style reforms, the COVID-19 pandemic has promoted telecommuting and a decline inface-to-face sales. These trends are bound to bring significant changes in sales activities, and this paper identifies seven key points for effectively improving productivity.

How Japan’s medtech leaders can use M&A to create a competitive advantage

– Companies that invest inorganically during a downturn generally emerge stronger than their competitors. Japanese medtech companies... have the cash, the incentive, and the opportunity to do just that.

Organizing for speed: Agile as a means to transformation in Japan

– Japanese working practices may help or hinder the adaptation of agile approaches that can increase an organization’s speed... and customer centricity. Addressing five main areas can allow leaders to master the transition to enterprise agility.

A ‘GOLD standard’ in brand growth for Japan’s pharmaceutical market

– Our GOLD standard will help transform your pharmaceutical brand and achieve accelerated growth.

The risks and challenges of the global COVID-19-vaccine rollout

– A realistic assessment of the heroic effort to administer billions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines to an agonized global population... is necessary—the stakes could not be higher.

Using digital transformation to thrive in Japan’s new normal: An urgent imperative

This article is intended to provide leaders across public and private sectors with a perspective on how to leverage the recovery... from this COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation in Japan.

Climate risk and response in Asia: Research preview

– Get an early view on how climate risk could affect the region, with a look at both physical hazards and socioeconomic impacts.
Executive Briefing

COVID-19: Implications for business

– Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare... for the next normal.
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