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Zooming in on human development around the world

– As much as we’d like to leave the turmoil of 2022 behind, much of it will endure into the new year. The world is still reeling from shocks in geopolitics, economics, and energy. But amid the challenges and uncertainty, hopeful prospects remain.

Six priorities for CEOs in turbulent times

– Managing complex organizations is much harder today than it was just a few years ago, write Homayoun Hatami, McKinsey global leader of capabilities practices, and Liz Hilton Segel, McKinsey global leader of industry practices. How can CEOs decide what needs to be done now and what can wait?

Is the world transitioning to the next era?

– Today’s events—a global pandemic, energy scarcity, rapid inflation, and geopolitical tensions—might feel like a cluster of earthquakes that is reshaping our world. Are we in the early throes of a seismic shift?

Addressing the other crisis in Europe: The corporate and technology gap

– Recent seismic events in Europe—including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent energy and cost-of-living crisis—underscore the importance of building long-term resilience in the region. But unless Europe addresses its technology gap, the region will be vulnerable across all sectors on growth and competitiveness, as well as security and strategic strength.

The why and how of ESG

– This month, our featured stories look at the why of ESG (that is, why ESG matters to companies), as well as the how of ESG (that is, how companies can take a more systematic and rewarding approach to ESG).

Employees are still quitting; here’s how employers should respond

– This month, our featured stories look at the five crucial employee personas that companies must understand to solve the attrition and attraction problem for the longer term, as well as the value of internal mobility among workers.

Here’s how work experience adds to the value of human capital

– As humans, we each have a unique living, breathing set of capabilities. We also have an innate set of fears: in the workplace, this can translate to fear of criticism, fear of uncertainty, and fear of harming one’s career.

The war in Ukraine is changing the world

– As the war in Ukraine persists, disruptions on a range of fronts are gathering force, and could reshape industries and economies. This month, our featured stories dive into the potential strength and direction of these shifts and their effects on lives and livelihoods, as well as the war’s possible ramifications on the key requirements for a more orderly net-zero transition.

What is the metaverse, and what does it mean for your business?

– What exactly is the metaverse, and why should your organization be paying attention to it? This month, our featured stories dive into this developing phenomenon as well as the realities facing companies looking to hire—and keep—top tech talent.

The war in Ukraine and navigating an uncertain future

– This month, our featured stories offer an initial framing of the challenges caused by the war, a perspective on the short- and midterm disruptions, and scenarios for the potential impact on livelihoods in the eurozone.

How the best CEOs lead

– This month, our featured stories offer leadership lessons from 67 CEOs of some of the world’s most successful companies and lay out the shared character traits that enable the best leaders to navigate inevitable storms.

How to get a grip on unnecessary interactions at work

– This month, our featured stories look at why high-quality collaboration is key to getting work done, as well as why women in corporate America are exhausted, stressed, and burned out—and what leadership can do to avoid a talent crisis.

The rapid growth in global wealth

December 4, 2021 - While economic growth has been sluggish over the past two decades in advanced economies, balance sheets and net worth that have long tracked it have tripled over the same period.

How to create a future that's sustainable, inclusive, and growing

– This month, our featured stories explore how corporate, government, and society leaders can achieve growth that's sustainable and inclusive and growing, as well as how stakeholders need to evolve to manage COVID-19 as an endemic disease.

A record number of employees are quitting—here’s how organizations should respond

October 2, 2021 - A record number of employees have left their jobs since April, and organizations are jumping to well-intentioned quick fixes that fall flat.

Using adaptability to thrive in a volatile world

September 4, 2021 - Organizations normally face uncertainties of varying consequence, but in times of crisis, uncertainty can reach extreme levels.

The truth about hybrid work

August 7, 2021 - The COVID-19 pandemic has urged us to rethink norms around how—and where—we work.

Which tech trends matter most?

July 10, 2021 - The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified existing trends, surfacing challenges to many long-held beliefs about how organizations should operate.

How can your organization prepare for the future of work?

June 12, 2021 - The pandemic has changed how we live and work, but most organizations don’t have a detailed vision in place for the hybrid working model of the future.

Here’s how to get reskilling right

May 8, 2021 - For organizations planning for their post pandemic future, employee satisfaction and skill building should be top of mind.