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Monthly Highlights, August 2022
Much has changed in the business world since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one trend has persisted: people keep quitting their jobs. Of workers McKinsey recently surveyed, 40 percent say they’re thinking about leaving their positions in the next three to six months—but companies are still relying on traditional levers to attract and retain talent. This month, our featured stories look at the five crucial employee personas that companies must understand to solve the attrition and attraction problem for the longer term, as well as the value of internal mobility among workers. Other highlights in this month’s issue include the following topics:
  • the strategic implications of inflation
  • how US companies can survive a downturn
  • how to support individuals who want to help solve society’s most complex challenges
  • when it comes to office space, what workers want, what employers need, and how workplaces will need to change
Editor’s choice
Empty pool
The Great Attrition is making hiring harder. Are you searching the right talent pools?
People keep quitting at record levels, yet companies are still trying to attract and retain them the same old ways. New research identifies five types of workers that employers can reach to fill jobs.
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 Shot of a group of young businesspeople chatting while walking through the city
Learning and earning: The bold moves that change careers
McKinsey’s report on human capital highlights the importance of internal mobility in organizations. Here’s how to encourage your employees to try more new things.
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How inflation is flipping the economic script, in seven charts
The troubling trend is spilling over into every corner of the global economy, with dramatic effects. McKinsey Global Publishing looks at the latest data. Get ready
Rear view of man with umbrella standing by railing against sea.
Something’s coming: How US companies can build resilience, survive a downturn, and thrive in the next cycle
Leaders can both shore up defenses and prepare for growth—if they heed the call for transformational change. Make bold moves
Duck swimming in still water reflecting the sky
How can individuals use their influence for positive change?
Collaborative action across multiple sectors could help solve society’s most complex challenges. Download the full report
illustration ominous glowing orb
Choosing to grow: The leader’s blueprint
Driving sustainable, inclusive growth requires the right mindset, strategy, and capabilities. Here are some steps that could help foster successful growth. Double down on growth investments
Creative coworkers chatting over ideas in office
The office of the future: A whole new (floor) plan
Revisiting your talent strategy for a hybrid world? Think hard about the purpose and design of your office space. Embrace change
Spotting green business opportunities in a surging net-zero world
Explore how 8 industries may transition to a net-zero world, and how organizations can respond with green businesses that create value along the way. Be bold
Voices of CEO excellence: Morgan Stanley’s James Gorman
In sickness and in health: How health is perceived around the world
Five trends shaping tomorrow’s luxury-car market
Author Talks: Quiet!
Forward Thinking on people, places, and the revenge of places that don’t matter with Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
How can CFOs rebrand themselves as innovation allies?
European consumers increasingly react to the stress of rising prices
Charting the global energy landscape to 2050: Sustainable fuels
Five Fifty: Travel takes off
Cloud in China: The outlook for 2025
Five ways to increase your board’s longterm impact
Your questions about automation, answered
Black beauty brands and consumers: Where do we go from here?
The Next Normal
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— Curated by Eleni Kostopoulos, a digital publishing manager in McKinsey’s New York office
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