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Monthly Highlights, November 2021
As the goal of herd immunity becomes less and less attainable, COVID-19 is likely no longer a disease with a clear end point—it’s one we’ll have to learn to live with. But as society adapts to this new normal, and as the economy starts to emerge from the crisis, leaders must look beyond safeguarding lives and livelihoods and toward a more profound challenge: bettering them. This month, our featured stories explore how corporate, government, and society leaders can achieve growth that’s sustainable and inclusive and growing, as well as how stakeholders need to evolve to manage COVID-19 as an endemic disease. Other highlights in this month’s issue include the following topics:
  • building a winning strategy in an era of digital disruption
  • the evolving roles of financial leaders
  • the organizational case for instilling and investing in apprenticeship
Editor’s choice
Three interconnected circle illustrations representing sustainability, inclusivity, and growth
Our future lives and livelihoods: Sustainable and inclusive and growing
Growth for all, growth for good. Here, we offer a proposal for business, government, and society leaders.
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Pandemic to endemic: How the world can learn to live with COVID-19
With prospects of herd immunity fading, endemic COVID-19 is upon us, and new “whole of society” approaches are needed.
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Strategy for a digital world
A winning digital strategy requires new twists to familiar moves. Here’s your road map
Mastering change: The new CFO mandate
Mastering change: The new CFO mandate
New research shows that now is the time for finance leaders to lean into the evolution of their roles and reassert themselves as strategic partners and digital enablers to the business. See the survey findings
Closeup of bicycle
Reviving the art of apprenticeship to unlock continuous skill development
Postpandemic skill gaps need filling, and formal learning alone won’t do the trick. Scaling the lost art of one-on-one learning can make the difference. Build employees’ skills
Future-proofing the organization
Future-proofing the organization the ‘helix’ way
The German auto supplier ZF Friedrichshafen is reinventing a key division. Its head of transformation explains how separating the company’s people leadership from its product lines improves both. Take the learning journey
Scaling AI like a tech native: The CEO's role
Scaling AI like a tech native: The CEO’s role
Embedding AI across an enterprise to tap its full business value requires shifting from bespoke builds to an industrialized AI factory. MLOps can help, but the CEO must facilitate it. Go big
Global payments 2021: Transformation amid turbulent undercurrents
Global payments 2021: Transformation amid turbulent undercurrents
The global payments sector is poised for a quick return to healthy growth, but the benefits will not flow evenly to all participants. See what’s next
Agile business portfolio management
Twelve insights for an inclusive economic recovery for New York City
Innovating to net zero: An executive’s guide to climate technology
The Future of Digital Innovation in China: Megatrends Shaping One of the World’s Fastest Evolving Digital Ecosystems
Closing the gender and race gaps in North American financial services
How one approach to M&A is more likely to create value than all others
Next in loyalty: Eight levers to turn customers into fans
Which metrics really drive total returns to shareholders?
Administrative simplification: How to save a quarter-trillion dollars in US healthcare
The future of federal work
Five Fifty: The invisible edge
Achieving win-win spin-offs
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Author Talks
Author Talks
Explore this month’s special series of interviews focused on sustainability. Get smart
My Rookie Moment
My Rookie Moment
McKinsey senior colleagues share their formative early-career experiences to help you navigate yours. Watch
McKinsey Classics
McKinsey Classics
To learn how companies can use agile to transform their data infrastructure, read “Using agile to accelerate your data transformation.” Rewind
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McKinsey Themes
Learn what matters when it comes to remote, hybrid, and the postpandemic future of work in this Themes post. Catch up
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— Curated by Eleni Kostopoulos, a manager of digital publishing in McKinsey’s New York office
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