The McKinsey Crossword

Sharpen your problem-solving skills the McKinsey way, with our weekly crossword. Each puzzle is created with the McKinsey audience in mind, and includes a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) business theme for you to find. Answers that are directionally correct may not cut it if you’re looking for a quick win. Either play the interactive version, or if you like putting pen(cil) to paper, download and print when you’re ready to engage. Find past puzzles on our collection page and check back each Tuesday for a new puzzle or, better yet, sign up to get an alert each week when the next challenge is ready.

Dealt Out of Order | No. 58

– 61 across: Interval between the design of a product and its production

Out of Office | No. 57

– 58 across: COVID-19 trend (and the theme of this puzzle)

Top Reads of 2021, Part 4 | No. 56

– 17 across: What needs to be sharpened to become a future-ready company.

Top Reads of 2021, Part 3 | No. 55

– 60 across: Method for exercising your body and preparing your mind

Top Reads of 2021, Part 2 | No. 54

– 11 down: Like leadership that will be more valuable in the postpandemic era

Top Reads of 2021, Part 1 | No. 53

– 10 down: One of the trends in the workforce of the future

Bakery Consultant | No. 52

– 58 across: But it wasn’t so easy! The baker hired a consultant, who suggested new business strategies. Now the baker is betting ___ that the business will be even better!

Gobbling Down (and Across) | No. 51

– 39 across: Thanksgiving chore (and a hint to this puzzle’s theme)

Split P’s | No. 50

– 57 across: Assortment of appetizers at a Chinese restaurant

Climate Change | No. 49

– 47 across: They’re needed to make charts of numbers align nicely

Ballot Boxes | No. 48

– 69 across: Register approval of online (and the theme of this crossword)

Getting Ghosted | No. 47

– 55 down: Halloween’s mo.
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