The McKinsey Crossword

Sharpen your problem-solving skills the McKinsey way, with our weekly crossword. Each puzzle is created with the McKinsey audience in mind, and includes a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) business theme for you to find. Answers that are directionally correct may not cut it if you’re looking for a quick win. Either play the interactive version, or if you like putting pen(cil) to paper, download and print when you’re ready to engage. Find past puzzles on our collection page and check back each Tuesday for a new puzzle or, better yet, sign up to get an alert each week when the next challenge is ready.

“Message Received” | No. 46

– 62 across: “Message received,” to a consultant (and a hint to this puzzle’s theme)

Rapid Return | No. 45

– 59 across: What a boss might request on a project... and a hint to this puzzle’s theme

For Bond Analysts | No. 44

– 18 across: James Bond portrayer in the films in this puzzle

At the Food Company | No. 43

– 58 down: Chain that sells furniture (and Swedish meatballs)

It’s Greek to Me | No. 42

– 17 across: Experts in computers and tech

Places of Business | No. 41

– 3 down: Where analytic thinking takes place

“Tennis, Anyone?” | No. 40

– 60 across: Length × width, for a rectangle

Solve Quicker! | No. 39

– 57 down: Jeopardy! guest host Jennings

What’s the Scoop? | No. 38

– 57 across: Song parodist who would enjoy this puzzle, since he wrote “I Love Rocky Road”

“Show Me the Money!” | No. 37

– 41 across: “Big ___” (Notorious B.I.G. hit)

“Mwah!” | No. 36

– 69 across: Acronym used by consultants that’s spelled out in the first words to the four long answers

“Ooh! Ooh!” | No. 35

– 61 across: Flamenco cheers

Direction Finder | No. 34

– 1 across: Land formation of the Southwest

“Let the Games Begin!” | No. 33

– 14 across: Finish line marker

Furniture Store Leaders | No. 32

– 11 down: Furniture store leader?

Killer Bee | No. 31

– 26 across: Network that broadcasts the spelling bee

Crew Team | No. 30

– 36 across: Mandatory gathering of employees (and a hint to this puzzle’s theme)

Insight on Sight | No. 29

– 17 across: With 27-, 48-, and 62-Across, a quote from bestselling self-help author Wayne W. Dyer

Starting Work | No. 28

– 58 across: What new graduates are looking for... or a hint to this puzzle’s theme

Apple Start-ups | No. 27

– 59 across: What venture capitalists put up

Body Wrap | No. 26

– 62 across: Add more details to, in consultant-speak... or a hint to this puzzle’s theme

Frozen Yogurt Consultants | No. 25

– 16 across: The consultants met with the ___ from the frozen yogurt chain

Meeting by the Barn | No. 24

– 58 across: Decide not to speak up at a meeting, say

All Fired Up | No. 23

– 49 across: Committed to an action that can’t be undone

Business Is Looking Up | No. 22

– 39 across: Hierarchy of company positions

Animal Activism | No. 21

– 60 across: Accomplish a huge task by doing a little bit at a time, in consultant jargon

The Key to Consulting | No. 20

– 32 across: Does consulting without going to the office

Business Overhead | No. 19

– 17 across: Good field for a consultant

“Not Bad”| No. 18

– 7 down: “I have many things to change here” in consultant-speak (and what you might say to describe 17-, 34-, 41-,... and 60-Across and 11- and 27-Down?)

It’s a Home Run! | No. 17

– 35 across: Baseball player’s wear

Frank Talk | No. 16

– 20 across: A consultant at a hot dog company who does a satisfactory job __

C Suite | No. 15

– 32 across: With 41-Across, good sources of vitamin C (and the theme of this puzzle)

“That Hurts!” | No. 14

– 58 across: Problems for consultants to resolve (and a hint to this puzzle’s theme)

Juggling Act | No. 13

– 60 across: Consultants may have to juggle them when dealing with a big company

Black History Memoirs | No. 12

– 5 down: Memoir of diplomat Susan Rice

The Future of Work | No. 11

– 47 across: Something that we will likely see less of in the future of work

Change of Face | No. 10

– 60 down: About-face, in slang

Big Game Preview | No. 9

– 25 across: Role for pioneering official Sarah Thomas in Sunday’s Big Game.

“Beta Test” | No. 8

– 36 down: Practice for a bout

How Suite It Is | No. 7

– 26 across: Daily broadsheet printed on salmon-pink paper

Recipe for Success | No. 6

– 47 down: Quesadilla ingredient

Ring Bearers | No. 5

– 64 across: Catch up again later, to a consultant (and a hint to this puzzle’s theme)

Consult with Them | No. 4

– 17 across: Former consultant who’s the new president of the Washington Football Team

Strong Finish | No. 3

– 47 down: Beethoven’s last symphony.

Easy Pickings | No. 2

– 17 across: Easy pickings for a consultant (and what you can find six times in this puzzle).

Not Looking Good | No. 1

– 58 across: How a consultant might describe something that doesn’t look good.

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