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A series of interviews with authors of books on business and beyond

Author Talks features insightful conversations with authors on crucial management topics including leading through a crisis, unleashing innovation, achieving work-life balance, fine-tuning communication skills, coping with organizational culture shifts, and more. For this month’s best-selling business books prepared exclusively for McKinsey Publishing by NPD and a collection of books by McKinsey authors, visit McKinsey on Books.

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Author Talks: Indra Nooyi on leadership, life, and crafting a better future

– The trailblazing former CEO of PepsiCo discusses the events that shaped her life and offers a blueprint for work–family conundrums.
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Leadership & Organization


Author Talks: Power, for all

– Having power can lead to hubris and self-focus. But it doesn’t have to. By understanding power, we can use it constructively.

Author Talks: Michael Useem on leading with an edge

– How can leaders gain an elusive edge over competitors in a world turned upside down? Michael Useem draws lessons from ten executives to build a road map for mastering leadership.

Author Talks: Hubert Joly on unleashing human magic

– The former chairman and CEO of Best Buy describes the leadership principles required to thrive in capitalism’s next era.

Author Talks: David Fubini on hidden truths for CEOs

– In his new book, David Fubini provides a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be a superior leader.

Author Talks: Dambisa Moyo on how boards can work better

– In her new book, Dambisa Moyo explores the role of corporate boards in the 21st century and how they need to adapt to greater demands.

Author Talks: Somebody tell a joke

– Two Stanford faculty members explain why we need more humor at work.

Personal Development


Author Talks: Kristin Neff on harnessing fierce self-compassion

– Kristin Neff discusses how women can balance tender self-acceptance with fierce action to claim their power—in the workplace and beyond.

Author Talks: Shankar Vedantam on the power and paradox of self-deception

– The host of Hidden Brain on NPR discusses the lies we all tell ourselves and the role they play in easing everyday life.

Author Talks: Nicolai Tillisch on how to frame ambition (and not let it frame you)

– Years of coaching leaders led to an ah-ha moment: ambition can undermine even the most successful people. The challenge is more complex than work–life balance.

Author Talks: Poet Maggie Smith on loss, creativity, and change

– In her latest book, Maggie Smith writes about new beginnings as opportunities for transformation.



Author Talks: Ella Bell Smith on why race and class are wedges between women

– Addressing gender alone won’t help women rise to the top.

Author Talks: Vanessa Bohns on our hidden potential to persuade

– Social psychologist Vanessa Bohns discusses why failing to recognize our ability to influence can lead us to miss opportunities or misuse power.

Author Talks: Karin M. Reed on virtual meetings

– In her new book, Karin M. Reed dives into our sudden shift to virtual meetings—and how to make the most of them.

Author Talks: Susan McPherson on building meaningful relationships—in business and in life

– In a new book, Susan McPherson offers a road map to unlocking a more meaningful life and enduring relationships.

Author Talks: Denise Woods on the power of voice

– In her new book, voice and dialect coach Denise Woods offers tools to help readers articulate clearly, become powerful public speakers, and gain confidence in any situation.

Author Talks: Fred Dust on making conversations count

– In his new book, designer Fred Dust offers a blueprint for having more productive, deliberate, and purposeful conversations.

McKinsey on Books

Explore this month’s best-selling business books prepared exclusively for McKinsey Publishing by NPD, and a collection of books by McKinsey authors on the management issues that matter, from leadership and talent to digital transformation, corporate finance, and more.

Innovative Thinking


Author Talks: Parag Khanna on the forces creating a new geography of opportunity

– Parag Khanna provides a vision of the next phase of human civilization—one that is both mobile and sustainable.

Author Talks: April Rinne on finding calm and meaning in a world of flux

– When change is the only constant, a mindset shift can keep you grounded.

Author Talks: Gillian Tett on looking at the world like an anthropologist

– Gillian Tett, the Financial Times markets and finance columnist and US managing editor, presents a radically different strategy for making sense of the business world today: anthropology.

Author Talks: Angus Fletcher on the power of literature

– In a new book, Angus Fletcher examines literary inventions through the ages to show how writers have created technical breakthroughs.

Talent, Culture, & Change Management


Author Talks: Tsedal Neeley on why remote work is here to stay—and how to get it right

– In a new book, Tsedal Neeley details how organizations can build and lead a culture of trust and inclusivity in a remote-work environment.

Author Talks: Deanna Mulligan on smart skill building

– The former chair and CEO of Guardian Insurance offers a theory of change for those hiring, retaining, and retraining the next generation of tech-savvy employees.

Author Talks: Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini on ‘humanocracy’

– Bureaucracy actually served us well in the past. But the nature of work has changed, and management needs to change too.

Author Talks: Sandra J. Sucher on the power of trust

– Trust is the most powerful force underlying the success of every business—but it can be shattered in an instant.

Author Talks: Joann S. Lublin on lessons for working mothers, their families, and their employers

– Joann S. Lublin looks at the trade-offs mothers are too often forced to make between work and family and the root causes, including the dearth of large-scale paid parental leave.



Author Talks: Jeffrey E. Garten on the meeting that transformed the global economy

– In August 1971, a secret meeting at Camp David transformed the global monetary system—and here’s what it means today and for the future.

Author Talks: Michelle Duster on the legacy of Ida B. Wells

– In a new book, Michelle Duster celebrates the life of Ida B. Wells, a journalist, suffragist, and antilynching crusader—and Duster’s great-grandmother.

Author Talks: Mia Bay on traveling Black

– In a new book, Mia Bay explores when, how, and why racial restrictions took shape and what it was like to live with them.

Author Talks: McKinsey Global Institute’s Peter Gumbel on searching for identity

– In his new book, Peter Gumbel grapples with the complexity of belonging in an increasingly global world.

Finance & Economics


Author Talks: Dorothy A. Brown on the whiteness of wealth

– In her new book, the Emory University law professor explains why US tax policy disadvantages Black Americans—and how to make the system more equitable.

Author Talks: Gottfried Leibbrandt on why cash may be a thing of the past

– The digital revolution in payments is under way. What does that mean for how we think about payments and the way that money moves?

Author Talks: Saadia Madsbjerg on making money moral

– In their new book, Judith Rodin and Saadia Madsbjerg offer a road map to making the financial market a force for good.

Author Talks: Gregory B. Fairchild on the next frontier in racial equality

– In his new book, Gregory Fairchild shows the power of treating underserved communities as emerging markets.


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