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Rescuing democratic capitalism and leading like IBM’s Ginni Rometty

If you’re leaning toward playing it safe, think again. In this edition of Readers & Leaders, hear Ginni Rometty recount how she grew through uncertainty on the road to the IBM C-suite, heed Financial Times chief commentator Martin Wolf’s warning for the state of democratic capitalism, and more.

Making better decisions, redefining health, and living longer

– Think you’re foolproof? You might have your guard up against the wrong people. In this edition of Readers & Leaders,... find out why hypervigilance can sometimes set you up for failure, how healthy living depends on good relationships, and more.

Upcoming books and an emerging economy for the new year

– January may be over, but McKinsey is still busy sticking to its resolution of sustainable, inclusive growth.

The year in books: A look back at top releases and interviews

– In a year marked by economic uncertainty, global conflict, and a confluence of other disruptions, McKinsey on Books strived... to provide business leaders and organizations with educational, actionable, and inspirational insights—with the help of leading authors and business strategists.

A calming practice for holiday stress and an ode to quitting the ventures that no longer serve you

– In this edition of Readers & Leaders, check out the newly released book Deliberate Calm, a guide to navigating... an increasingly complex world from Jacqueline Brassey, Aaron De Smet, and Michiel Kruyt.

Calm leadership through crisis, the new age of industrial technology, and a conversation with CNBC’s Julia Boorstin

– In this edition of Readers & Leaders, take a first glance at the upcoming book Deliberate Calm, a guide... to navigating an increasingly complex—and sometimes frightening—world.

The US economy is uncertain, but this one sector reveals a bright spot

– Change can be scary, but not when it’s the kind that reinvigorates the American economy.

Summer’s almost over—which of our book picks did you read?

– With more than 100 selections on our 2022 summer reading guide, it would be too difficult to pick favorites—thankfully,... we didn’t have to.

The regenerative power of silence, the fast-growing longevity economy, and more

– Last month, we asked for a glance at your bookshelves, and you delivered: a guide to giving away power, insights into the human... mind, and more nonfiction reads.

Business strategies for the digital age, achieving financial independence by 40, and the life of George Floyd

– Toluse Olorunnipa and Robert Samuels examine the life of the man whose death launched a worldwide movement.

Conscious capitalism with Fortune’s Alan Murray

– In conversations with corporate executives, Fortune Media CEO Alan Murray has noticed a common theme: business leaders feel that... companies could be doing more to positively impact society.

Tough talk with actor Terry Crews

– Long regarded as an archetypal Hollywood “tough guy,” Terry Crews is breaking down his journey and sharing how he... learned to ditch toxic toughness for healthy masculinity.

Working moms are burnt out, and Girls Who Code’s Reshma Saujani knows why.

– When schools and day-care centers shut down at the peak of the pandemic, moms stepped up.

Could succession planning become obsolete?

– As tech innovators continue to push the boundaries with virtual reality, scientists are hard at work on editing the natural one.

Nighttime rituals and CEO excellence

– Whether you’re leading a several-thousand-person company, tucking your children into bed at night, or managing both, this... edition of Readers & Leaders—McKinsey’s monthly newsletter on the books business leaders are reading—is for you.

Introducing Readers & Leaders, McKinsey's newsletter on business and leadership books

– Welcome to the inaugural edition of Readers & Leaders, McKinsey’s monthly newsletter on the books business leaders are... reading—or should be reading—now.