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The Ecosystem Economy

Prepare your organization for a transformed competitive landscape.

The Ecosystem Economy offers a compelling new take on how the global economy is being fundamentally transformed by the acceleration of new technology development, evolving consumer preferences and behaviors, business models and organizational and performance management constructs. In the book, two McKinsey senior partners make the case that traditional sector siloes are breaking down. They demonstrate how business leaders at all levels can exploit disappearing barriers between sectors to reimagine and refocus their organizations’ efforts to create substantial and durable new competitive advantages.

You’ll learn why it’s so important for companies to adapt right now and develop new approaches to succeed in the face of a foundationally changed global economy driven by ecosystems. You’ll also discover how the ecosystem economy will continue to evolve and transform, as well as receive a comprehensive playbook you can apply to your own firm, regardless of its size.

An essential and incisive resource for executives, board members, and other business leaders seeking fresh approaches to doing business in the modern economy, The Ecosystem Economy will also earn a place in the libraries of investors looking for new ways to think about value propositions, competition, partnership, and performance management.


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Venkat Atluri
Miklós Dietz

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (October 18, 2022)
Language: English Hardcover 240 pages

ISBN-13: 9781119984788

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The Ecosystem Economy

The Ecosystem Economy in Closeup

To demonstrate the power that the new #EcosystemEconomy will hold, McKinsey examines one in more detail: education and talent.

Author Talks: Prepare Your Business for the Cross-Sector Ecosystem Economy

After years of client impact, two McKinsey senior partners write the playbook for leveraging disappearing sector siloes into a multitrillion-dollar ecosystem strategy.

The authors

Venkat Atluri

Venkat Atluri is a senior partner with McKinsey & Company, where he leads the Firm’s global Tech and Telecommunications practice. He partners with top executives and boards to create value through end-to-end performance transformations, programmatic mergers and acquisitions, and new business building from incubation to scale-up. He is keenly focused on the future of technology, with special emphasis on the cross-sector opportunities at the intersection of new technologies and emerging business models. He serves clients in the high-tech, media and telecommunications (TMT), advanced industries, and consumer sectors. He has passion for advising venture capital and private equity investors.

Venkat is a leading expert on the vast and emerging opportunities—created by the network connectivity of devices, systems, platforms, and people—powered by software and hardware. He draws on this expertise to guide clients through the design and deployment of network and ecosystem-based businesses across sectors. A thought leader at McKinsey, Venkat is a prolific author and sought-after speaker at industry events.

Miklós Dietz

Miklós Gabor Dietz, CFA, is the managing partner of McKinsey's Vancouver office. Since joining McKinsey's Budapest office in 2001, Miklós has led more than 300 engagements for both private- and public-sector organizations across 40 countries. In his current consulting work, he focuses on helping leaders unlock the potential of digital technology. He has advised large financial institutions on digital transformation programs, from overall program design and managing cultural shifts to strategic and tactical prioritization. He has also supported the government and central bank of an Asian country in developing a next-generation financial infrastructure and digital banking strategy.

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