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Monthly Highlights, October 2022
Recent seismic events in Europe—including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent energy and cost-of-living crisis—underscore the importance of building long-term resilience in the region. But unless Europe addresses its technology gap, the region will be vulnerable across all sectors on growth and competitiveness, as well as security and strategic strength, write senior partners Sven Smit, Magnus Tyreman, Jan Mischke, and coauthors in a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute. This month, our featured story looks at the erosion of Europe’s corporate and technological competitiveness, describes the root causes, and proposes actions that can turn this challenge into a high-stakes opportunity. Other highlights in this month’s issue include the following topics:
  • venture capitalist Bill Gurley on the promise and perils facing start-ups in the current economic environment
  • what an extended period of high interest rates means for US companies
  • why organizations should make geopolitical resilience a strategic priority
  • the role of the chief information officer in combatting climate change
Editor’s choice
Image of a map of Europe
Securing Europe’s competitiveness: Addressing its technology gap
Even amid war in Europe and the energy and cost of living crisis that has resulted, the region needs to pay attention to its slow-motion corporate and technology crisis.
Understand regional trends >
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Image of Bill Gurley
‘If you’re going to build something from scratch, this might be as good a time as in a decade’
In the second episode of our series The Quarterly Interview: Provocations to Ponder, venture capitalist Bill Gurley explains the promise and perils facing start-ups at a moment of economic uncertainty and reveals why hybrid work may be the most interesting technology of all. Be ambitious
Image of a man with umbrella standing by railing and looking at the Statue of Liberty
Something’s coming: How US companies can build resilience, survive a downturn, and thrive in the next cycle
The US economy continues to throw off mixed signals. But one thing is becoming clear: executives should prepare for an extended period of higher interest rates. Get primed
Digital generated image of global data visualization
How to build geopolitical resilience amid a fragmenting global order
Organizations need to strategically invest in capabilities, people, processes, structures, and technology to navigate the risks arising from an evolving and fraught geopolitical landscape. Create resilience
Image of a hand holding a cell phone and taking a photo of a bamboo forest
The green IT revolution: A blueprint for CIOs to combat climate change
Research shows that the most impact on IT-generated emissions can be found in unexpected places. Take action now
Collage image of various Asian-Americans in the workplace
Asian American workers: Diverse outcomes and hidden challenges
Asian Americans often face invisible challenges at work. Organizations can maximize more of this group’s potential by acknowledging its diversity. Debunk the myths
Image of colorful tomatoes on the stem
Reducing food loss: What grocery retailers and manufacturers can do
An estimated $600 billion worth of food is lost during or just after harvest. Can manufacturers and grocers do anything about it? Definitely—and it will be good for business, people, and the planet. Enable lasting change
Why digital trust truly matters
Survey results: Expectations for company performance, by industry
Author Talks: How industrial technology is creating a more inclusive economy
Empowering economic growth in the Latino community
To slow down attrition, pay closer attention to what workers really need
Heat waves, the war in Ukraine, and stigma: Gen Z’s perspectives on mental health
Author Talks: Bill George sets a course for ‘true north’
How Europe’s CPG leaders can navigate inflation
You can’t move too fast: A conversation with Andy Penn
The two-wheeled commute: Micromobility and your future
Forward Thinking on talent, state capacity, and being hopeful with Tyler Cowen
Image of two construction workers conversing
We’re helping build an economy that works for all
McKinsey is taking action to create a more inclusive economy through its work with clients and in local communities. Look closer
Bookjacket of The Titanium Economy
The Titanium Economy
A new book explores what could be the key to America’s future economic growth: its industrial manufacturing base. #TitaniumEconomyBook. Preorder now
My Rookie Moment
My Rookie Moment
McKinsey senior colleagues share their formative early-career experiences to help you navigate yours. Watch the latest episode
McKinsey for Kids
The McKinsey Crossword
Sharpen your problem-solving skills the McKinsey way, with our weekly crossword. Play now
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McKinsey Classics
There is an antidote to massive HR systems and questionnaire overload: understanding the HR function’s strategic goal. Read our classic article, “Getting beyond bureaucracy in human resources.” Rewind
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— Curated by Eleni Kostopoulos, a digital publishing manager in McKinsey’s New York office
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