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Monthly Highlights, February 2022
Inefficient meetings and incessant emails can zap you of your energy, but did you know they’re also detrimental to your organization’s performance? Pointless interactions can affect your company’s productivity, speed, and innovation, but the right tools and techniques can help. This month, our featured stories look at why high-quality collaboration is key to getting work done, as well as why women in corporate America are exhausted, stressed, and burned out—and what leadership can do to avoid a talent crisis. Other highlights in this month’s issue include the following topics:
  • the connection between purpose and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics, and how to embed them in organizations’ lived experiences
  • how business leaders can respond to the three-phase ripple effect in the economy
  • how companies can rebuild their price-negotiation capabilities and long-term resilience
  • the five trends shaping the sporting-goods industry in 2022
Editor’s choice
Business people on a video call.
If we’re all so busy, why isn’t anything getting done?
With endless meetings, incessant emails, and casts of thousands, companies have mastered the art of unnecessary interactions. Winning in the next normal requires much more focus on true collaboration.
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Businesswoman looking fatigued
The state of burnout for women in the workplace
Women are doing more to support employee well-being but face higher stress levels as a result. Here’s how leaders can help.
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The role of ESG and purpose
Answering three questions about purpose and environmental, social, and governance issues can help business leaders zero in on what matters most for their organizations. Pursue purpose
The CEO agenda in 2022: Harnessing the potential of growth jolts
Despite uncertainties, the US economy is robust. The year ahead could jolt further growth. 7 tests
Business people at table working together.
How to deal with price increases in this inflationary market
The return of inflation makes price negotiation a more demanding—and strategically critical—capability. Build long-term resilience
Woman jumping while doing sport.
Sporting goods 2022: The new normal is here
The sporting-goods industry continues to evolve amid increased health awareness, shifting channel preferences, and rising sustainability concerns. Sporting-goods players need to adapt to five trends shaping the industry in 2022. Read the report
Bias busters: A better way to brainstorm
Structured conversation during brainstorming sessions removes some of the risks that can thwart honest discussion. Look at it this way
Engineer working on a machine
The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be people powered
Companies at the forefront of the technology frontier are empowering their workers with digital technologies—and the skills they need to use them. From aspiration to reality
A military veteran knows why your employees are leaving
The raw-materials challenge: How the metals and mining sector will be at the core of enabling the energy transition
Author Talks: How to gain a competitive edge with organizational culture
Space: Investment shifts from GEO to LEO and now beyond
Emphasizing the S in ESG
Redefining corporate functions to better support strategy and growth
Risk and resilience in consumer-goods supply chains
Nurses and the Great Attrition
The powerful role financial incentives can play in a transformation
Author Talks: How to conquer fear, prepare for death, and embrace your power
Game on: An interview with Microsoft’s head of gaming ecosystem
The net-zero transition: What it would cost, what it could bring
The net-zero transition: What it would cost, what it could bring
Governments and companies around the world are pledging to achieve net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases. What would it take? Fulfill the ambition
My Leadership Journey
My Leadership Journey
McKinsey created the Connected Leaders Academy to equip Black, Hispanic, Latino, and Asian leaders with the network and capabilities to achieve their professional aspirations. See the interviews
CEO Excellence
CEO Excellence
What are the six mindsets that distinguish the best leaders from the rest? Find out with the #CEOExcellenceBook. Preorder now
My Rookie Moment
My Rookie Moment
McKinsey senior colleagues share their formative early-career experiences to help you navigate yours. Watch episode 6
McKinsey Classics
McKinsey Classics
Do you work with jerks? You owe it to yourself and your employees to read our 2007 classic “Building the civilized workplace.” Rewind
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— Curated by Eleni Kostopoulos, a digital publishing manager in McKinsey’s New York office
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