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Monthly Highlights, April 2022
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing the greatest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II. Thousands of lives have been lost, and millions of livelihoods have been disrupted. This month, our featured stories offer an initial framing of the challenges caused by the war, a perspective on the short- and midterm disruptions, and scenarios for the potential impact on livelihoods in the eurozone. Other highlights in this month’s issue include the following topics:
  • how humanity could add as many as 45 billion extra years of higher-quality life over the next decade
  • employees who left a job without another in hand, who returned and why, and how companies can begin to bring more workers back into the fold
  • ten things the world has learned through the course of the pandemic
Editor’s choice
Damaged wall surface after hit
War in Ukraine: Lives and livelihoods, lost and disrupted
As uncertainty weighs on decision making, scenarios can provide guidance.
Understand the implications   >
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Close-up of metallic chain breaking
The rising toll of the war in Ukraine
Lives lost and upended. Soaring food and energy prices. Supply chains at risk. Much is at stake as the war continues.
Understand the crisis   >
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Image showing people from various ages gathered around as part of a community to illustrate how six years of higher quality life for everyone is within reach in the report titled “Adding years to life and life to years
Adding years to life and life to years
At least six years of higher quality life for everyone is within reach. Aim high
A brown egg balanced on two forks
Gone for now, or gone for good?
Nearly half of the employees who voluntarily left the workforce during the pandemic aren’t coming back on their own. Employers must go and get them. Here’s how to start. Understand employee priorities
Hand holding face mask
Ten lessons from the first two years of COVID-19
On the second anniversary of the pandemic, we take stock. Look back
A big wave swallows the building
Here comes the 21st century’s first big investment wave.
A surge of investment in hard assets will pressure already strained supply chains and project delivery systems. CEOs who transform their capital strategy fast—and first—may win a competitive edge. Prepare for big changes
Two men in automatized high rack warehouse looking at tablet
IoT comes of age
McKinsey research shows that adoption of IoT technologies has increased exponentially the past five years—but successful implementation still eludes some. Here’s how to get it right. Connect physical and digital worlds
View of mountaintop
Private markets 2022
The private markets comeback that began in the second half of 2020 gained momentum in 2021, yielding a year of records. Read the report
Reimagining HR: Insights from people leaders
Author Talks: Attributes—not skills—determine whether you ‘cut it’ or not
How business operations can respond to price increases: A CEO guide
Six customer experience pitfalls to avoid
The $773 billion question: Inflation’s impact on defense spending
From risk management to strategic resilience
Repairing the broken rung on the career ladder for women in technical roles
Author Talks: How to handle your work jerk
The five zeros reshaping stores
Building next-generation B2B sales capabilities
The role of the board in preparing for extraordinary risk
The Next Normal
The Next Normal
McKinsey experts and industry executives envision the space industry’s next decade. Understand the future of space
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McKinsey senior colleagues discuss what inspired them to leap into authorship. Watch episode 7
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— Curated by Eleni Kostopoulos, a digital publishing manager in McKinsey’s New York office
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