The Swiss office offers you a variety of exciting choices to balance and enrich your professional and personal life.

Our consultants work with companies across Switzerland’s dynamic consumer goods, financial, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical sectors. We serve major—mostly internationally active companies—as well as not-for-profit organizations and other institutions.

At the local and global levels, we apply our knowledge and experience to conduct research into management issues, develop long-term perspectives, and take part in public debates on the most pressing issues facing business and economies.

The thing I enjoy most about the Swiss office is its diversity. I work with people who have lived in different countries, speak multiple languages, and who have studied different subjects. Yet, there are two things all of them have in common: they are all genuinely nice people and always willing to help. I can learn something from every single one of them. That’s what makes every Office Friday exceptional.

Daniel N Wei, Senior Associate, Zurich



>250 consultants

The Swiss office is proud of its contribution to McKinsey’s research and knowledge base through reports tailored to the challenges of Switzerland. The Swiss office is a close-knit community with locations across two offices, a vibrant mix of people, languages, and nationalities. It also has a lively social scene. Zurich is also a QuantumBlack hub, which provides advanced analytics at the intersection of design, strategy, and technology.


>80 consultants

Our culture and diversity provides an interesting array of colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Together with our clients’ top management, Swiss office consultants develop innovative solutions on operational, organizational, and strategic topics.

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