Our People

Aamer Baig
Senior Partner, Chicago
Helps companies use digital technologies to drive innovation, transform customer experience, and improve productivity, while also...
Gaurav Batra
Partner, Washington DC
Co-leads the firm’s Advanced Electronics Practice in the Americas
Alex Beauvais
Partner, London
Leads our healthcare analytics group that is central to our healthcare consulting work, and helps clients develop their own healthcare...
Dilip Bhattacharjee
Partner, Chicago
Brings the power of advanced analytics to improve the operational performance of companies in highly networked industries, resulting...
Onno Boer
Partner, Zurich
Helps set strategy, drive performance, and derive insights from analytics; working across the apparel, retail, and consumer sectors
Peter Breuer
Senior Partner, Cologne
Leverages deep expertise in data analytics and works along the entire value chain to help retail and consumer goods clients achieve...
Kevin Buehler
Senior Partner, New York
Helps senior executives at leading financial institutions solve their most challenging strategic, risk, and analytical problems
Pepe Cafferata
Partner, São Paulo
Leads McKinsey Analytics and QuantumBlack in Latin America, and helps major financial institutions transform their businesses,...
Michael Chui
MGI Partner, Bay Area
Leads research on the impact of information technologies and innovation on business, the economy, and society
Marina Cigarini
Senior Partner, Mexico City
As managing partner of McKinsey’s Mexico office, draws on deep expertise in digital, advanced analytics, and marketing and sales...
Jacomo Corbo
Partner, London
Uses artificial intelligence to improve organizations’ performance
Marc de Jong
Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Focuses on strategy, innovation, and transformation in technology-intensive industries and leads strategy-transformation services...
Alejandro Díaz
Senior Partner, Dallas
Helps global consumer-facing companies capture growth opportunities and achieve excellence in strategy, marketing, manufacturing,...
Matt Fitzpatrick
Senior Partner, New York
Leads McKinsey’s Financial Services digital and technology solutions
Dr. Tim Fountaine
Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads McKinsey Analytics in Australia and New Zealand and advises healthcare leaders on a range of policy and operational issues
Avinash Goyal
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Helps chemical and agriculture companies meet the challenges of a rapidly changing sector, taking a global, data-driven perspective...
Louise Herring
Partner, London
Guides digital and analytics transformations for retail and consumer-facing clients in the United Kingdom and Europe
Ashley van Heteren
Expert Associate Partner, Amsterdam
Harnesses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to help clients deliver sustainable innovation
Martin Hirt
Senior Partner, Greater China
A leader in McKinsey’s global Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice and one of the firm's most experienced client counselors on...
Holger Hürtgen
Partner, Düsseldorf
Brings deep expertise in data analytics, with a focus on marketing- and sales-growth issues in customer-facing industries, such...
Pallav Jain
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Helps leading telecom and high-tech companies drive performance by leveraging big data and analytics
Kia Javanmardian
Senior Partner, Chicago
Advises insurance companies and other financial institutions on how to use emerging technologies to transform their core business...
Noshir Kaka
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Coleads the global Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice; founded our Outsourcing and Offshoring Practice.
Megha Kansal
Partner, London
A leader in McKinsey’s retail banking sector, focused on advanced analytics, and a major contributor of digital expertise in banking
Tiffany Kwok
Partner, Tokyo
Brings deep advanced analytics expertise and experience in data and analytics transformation focused on consumer-facing industries,...
Jessica Lamb
Partner, New Jersey
Serves entities across the healthcare industry leveraging analytics to improve performance and outcomes
Tom Latkovic
Senior Partner, Cleveland
Helps to improve the performance of healthcare institutions by supporting stronger organizations and more effective strategies
Larry Lerner
Partner, Washington DC
Advises global financial institutions on transforming and scaling their digital and analytics capabilities to drive superior performance...
Ari Libarikian
Senior Partner, New York
Advises companies on building thriving businesses, helping organizations to grow, improve business processes, and strengthen digital...
Helen Mayhew
Partner, Sydney
Advises leaders in the public and private sectors, employing analytics as a tool to improve organisational performance—ensuring...
Thomas Meakin
Partner, London
Serves consumer-facing technology and media companies on their most challenging strategic and commercial issues, co-leads our...
Nora Ottink
Partner, Amsterdam
Supports consumer packaged goods, apparel, and retail companies as they achieve growth through M&A, strategy, and commercial and...
Jeremy Palmer
Senior Partner, London
Helps leaders build the capabilities in their organizations to deploy data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence at...
Marcus Roth
Partner, Tokyo
Deploys deep expertise in digital and analytics transformation across several sectors and is an expert in building multisector...
Valentina Sartori
Partner, Zurich
Offers distinctive expertise in pharma R&D, helping clients to transform their organization, harness external innovation, and...
Robert Samek
Senior Partner, Toronto
Increases returns on capital and de-risks outcomes by building major projects faster and at lower cost
Bill Schaninger
Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Designs and manages large-scale organizational transformations, strengthening business performance through enhanced culture, values,...
Markus Schmid
Partner, Munich
Helps retailers and consumer-facing industries digitize their cores and build winning omnichannel businesses
Jules Seeley
Senior Partner, Boston
Advises travel, transport, logistics, and mobility-technology companies on applying digital and advanced analytics to transform...
Sha Sha
Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Leads high-impact digital and data-enabled transformation for consumer-facing industries—such as retail banking, automotive, and...
Alex Singla
Senior Partner, Chicago
Global leader of McKinsey Analytics and QuantumBlack; advises clients on strategy, digital and analytics, operations, and enterprise...
Naomi Smit
Partner, Amsterdam
Leading clients through digital transformation and advanced connectivity
Dennis Spillecke
Senior Partner, Cologne
Coleads the Marketing & Sales Practice in Western Europe and helps clients to run customer-centric transformations, build marketing...
Bob Sternfels
Global Managing Partner, Bay Area
Bob serves as the global managing partner of McKinsey & Company
Alexander Sukharevsky
Senior Partner, Moscow
Leads McKinsey Analytics globally, working across industries to redefine business models and improve performance through responsible...
Dan Tinkoff
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Leverages deep industry knowledge and analytics expertise to help life-science companies with strategy and business transformation
Eckart Windhagen
Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Advises global financial services companies in digital and advanced analytics transformation and organizational health and performance.