People & Organizational Performance

We equip people and organizations to unleash sustained performance.

Leaders and organizations today are facing unparalleled challenges – from defining a new hybrid workplace, to supply chain disruption, to retaining exceptional talent in the face of the great attrition.

People are the scarce and defining resource that drives an organization’s productivity and growth. And we know healthy organizations dramatically outperform their peers. The differentiator for organizations today is the ability to attract and retain exceptional talent, develop inclusive and inspiring leaders, invest in the required capabilities to achieve business goals, and design an organization to create space for speed and innovation.

But change is hard – 70 percent of transformations fail. The external forces in today’s environment make it harder. We help clients develop a workforce that can thrive through disruption and build an organization fit for the future.

how we help clients

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to ensure their organizations are capable of achieving the transformation they want and sustaining it for years to come.

Culture & Change

Drive lasting improvement in performance and organizational health

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Build and empower a diverse workforce

Enterprise Agility

Adopt more agile ways of working across the entire organization


Maximize success of seamless, value-creating transactions

Organization Design

Integrate structure, process, and people for holistic impact


Establish a talent-first organization

Featured capabilities

Organizational Health Index

Put hard numbers and improvement actions on your organization’s health

McKinsey Academy

McKinsey Academy helps organizations equip their people with the needed skills to achieve and sustain transformational impact.

Connected Leaders Academy

Advance racial equity by investing in future leaders


Build winning leadership teams

Featured Collections


Return, Reimagine, Reinvent

The COVID-19 crisis has compelled many leaders to rethink ways of working. This regularly updated collection of articles draws together McKinsey’s expertise on post-pandemic reentry to help organizations lead the recovery.

Make faster, better decisions

McKinsey research shows that executives on average spend almost 40 percent of their time making decisions and believe most of that time is poorly used. This collection of articles, podcasts, and blog posts draws together McKinsey’s expertise to help leaders and organizations improve decision making.
Global theme

Well-being in the Workplace

This collection explores fostering mind, body, and sense of purpose in individuals, teams, and organizations for a more resilient workforce and improved well-being in the workplace

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