Our People

Our people

Wouter Aghina
Partner, Amsterdam
Delivers large-scale performance and health transformations, improving performance, changing culture, boosting organizational agility, improving organizational design, and building leadership and frontline capabilities
Steve Armbruster
Partner, Austin
Develops and leads large-scale transformations across sectors, with a deep focus on building capabilities, changing mind-sets and behaviors at scale, and driving organizational health
Steven Aronowitz
Partner, Denver
Helps clients establish organizational agility and drive sustainable change at scale
Gemma D’Auria
Senior Partner, Milan
Supports organizations in the retail, fashion, and luxury sectors in driving transformations for higher performance and health, including building capabilities and developing leadership capacity
Philip Barber
Partner, London
Helps complex organisations design, implement, and manage large-scale transformations to increase effectiveness, deliver impact, and improve organisational capabilities and culture
Fabian Billing
Managing Partner Germany and Austria, Düsseldorf
Fabian serves as the Managing Partner of McKinsey Germany and Austria
Laura Blumenfeld
Partner, London
Advises on organizational, talent, and commercial issues, including transactions, merger management, carve-outs, new business building, restructuring, transformation, top-team effectiveness, talent, corporate strategy, and brand strategy
Kenneth Bonheure
Senior Partner, Singapore
Advises leaders across industries on mergers and other organization-shaping transactions, and leads strategy development and large-scale transformations in the pharmaceutical, medical-device, and healthcare sectors
Jacqueline Brassey
Senior Knowledge Expert, Luxembourg
Core researcher and practitioner in sustainable human development and performance; passionate about helping individuals and organizations thrive by promoting improved mental health, well-being, agility, and resilience
Laura Bremme
Senior Partner, Zurich
Supports the leaders of pharmaceutical, generics, medical-device, and animal-health companies as they set strategy, boost commercial excellence, and transform organizations to pursue growth and drive performance
Rudmer Buruma
Partner, Amsterdam
Helps industrial clients grow faster than the market by transforming sales and pricing practices, and implementing sustainable frontline improvements
Tomás Calleja Mediano
Senior Partner, Madrid
Helps service industry clients transform their organizations and operations, making them more efficient and customer-focused
Marla Capozzi
Partner, Boston
Designs and leads transformation programs for senior executives on the strategy, innovation, digital, and inspirational leadership needed to shape the future
Alistair Carmichael
Expert Associate Partner, Sydney
Leader of our People & Organizational Performance Practice in Australia and New Zealand; regional leader for the McKinsey Health Institute
Natacha Catalino
Senior Expert, Boston
Guides transformational change for organizations, top teams, and individual leaders facing the challenge of transforming their organizations
Felipe Child
Partner, Bogotá
Passionate about improving the efficiency and effectiveness of critical organizations for our society—across the public, private, and social sectors
Aaron De Smet
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Delivers growth, innovation, and organizational agility and is an expert on culture change, leadership development, team effectiveness, capability building, and transformation
Carolyn Dewar
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Delivers large-scale performance-improvement programs that foster culture change and counsels senior executives making leadership transitions
Stacey Dietsch
Partner, Mexico City
Helps organizations accelerate and sustain performance by enhancing the capabilities of their people and linking talent to value creation
Amadeo Di Lodovico
Senior Partner, Dubai
Serves leading companies in energy, industrial, conglomerates, and governments on strategic topics, operational and organizational challenges, and government policy matters
Faridun Dotiwala
Partner , Mumbai
Leads performance transformations that boost organizational health, facilitating stronger leadership, shaping culture, and counseling top teams and CEOs
Sherina Ebrahim
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Helps consumer goods and medical device companies grow through transformative approaches to strategy, sales and marketing, enterprise agility, and organizational design
Diana Ellsworth
Partner, Atlanta
Leads McKinsey’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work; directs initiatives focused on establishing inclusive, productive workplace cultures that support greater collaboration and innovation from a diverse workforce
Oliver Engert
Senior Partner, Miami
Advises executives across industries on mergers and acquisitions—including mergers, integrations, alliances, and divestitures—bringing particular expertise in strategy and performance in the pharmaceuticals and medical-products sector
Blair Epstein
Partner, Bay Area
Helps CEOs and leaders transform their organizations at scale, from strategy to execution
Emily Field
Partner, Seattle
Shapes organizational strategies to establish talent management as a distinctive advantage, preparing leaders to manage the workforce of tomorrow and create business value
Ben Fletcher
Senior Partner, Sydney
Brings deep expertise in people topics, particularly in designing and driving large scale culture and change, capability-building, and operating model improvement programs
Max Flötotto
Senior Partner, Munich
Serves leading financial institutions on strategy, M&A, and business building, and helps fintech companies scale
Neel Gandhi
Partner, New York
Advises leading organizations on how to strengthen their talent-management capabilities and build an HR function that operates as a true strategic partner and value driver for the business
Nora Gardner
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Combines technical expertise with a passion for people, advising clients on issues of organizational change and talent management across the public, private, and social sectors.
Arne Gast
Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Offers extensive global expertise in leadership development, organizational design, talent management, and transformational change
Éric Gaudet
Senior Partner, Montréal
Advises companies on business transformations, adapting operating models, management systems, structures, and performance-management systems to unlock potential and create strategically aligned cultures
Rami Goldfajn
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Brings extensive experience in leading transformations, turnarounds, and corporate restructurings across industries in South America; has served in executive and board roles for companies undergoing a restructuring or merger and has expertise in private-equity investments
Drew Goldstein
Partner, Miami
Guides successful change management for sustained business performance, including driving talent initiatives, enhancing culture, and leveraging inclusion for diverse outcomes
Julie Goran
Partner, New York
Helps executives transform the organization to pursue growth and seize digital opportunities. Leader of McKinsey's digital organization work in the People & Organizational Performance and Financial Services Practices.
Björn Hagemann
Senior Partner, Cologne
Creates sustainable impact and performance improvement in companies through operational, organizational, digital, and advanced analytics transformations
Benjamin Hall
Partner, Boston
Empowers companies across industries to pursue complex transformation programs by establishing the infrastructure and capabilities that support successful, sustainable change
Bryan Hancock
Partner, Washington DC
Supports private, public, and social sector clients through expertise in talent management, organizational design, and workforce development
Christopher Handscomb
Partner, London
Leads our work globally on organisation for players in the energy industry, and supports companies across sectors on enterprise-wide agile transformations.
Hagar Heijmans
Partner, Amsterdam
Helps companies and governments transform their operating models by translating strategy into organizational design
Rupert Hoskin
Senior Expert, Canberra
An expert in leadership development, culture, and the integration of the human and organizational factors for successful strategic transformations
Barbara Jeffery
Partner, London
Focuses on delivering transformative organization journeys to change organizations and individuals as people and leaders
Gregor Jost
Partner, Vienna
Brings passion and analytical rigor to transformational organization-redesign efforts, fostering stronger business performance, greater efficiency, and agile ways of working
Claudy Jules
Partner, Washington DC
Counsels CEOs, senior executives, and government and investment leaders to enhance their impact by increasing leadership capacity and pursuing stronger organizational health
Nikola Jurisic
Senior Expert, Dubai
As a senior expert in culture and change, a facilitator, and a coach, counsels public- and private-sector leaders on building values-driven systems
Rebecca Kaetzler
Partner, Frankfurt
Brings deep expertise in merger management and performance transformation to help executives manage culture, change, and organizational design to foster performance and health
Scott Keller
Senior Partner, Southern California
Counsels Fortune 100 leadership teams on enterprise-level transformation, culture-change programs, top-team performance, and CEO effectiveness
Julian Kirchherr
Partner, Berlin
Serves public and private sector clients on large-scale people and organizational transformations
Asmus Komm
Partner, Hamburg
Unites diverse teams across the globe on their talent management, leadership, organization design, and change-management initiatives
Rajesh Krishnan
Partner, New York
Leads enterprise-wide transformations efforts that focus on performance and health, helping organizations deliver lasting improvements to financial performance, driving mind-set and behavior change, and building capabilities at scale
Alexis Krivkovich
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Managing Partner of our Bay Area office. Advises senior executives, helping them drive change at scale, while building capabilities and managing risk effectively
Alok Kshirsagar
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Advises companies across a broad range of industries on globalization issues, performance improvements, and sustaining large-scale transformative change
Gautam Kumra
Senior Partner and Chairman - Asia, Singapore
Chairman of McKinsey’s offices in Asia; helps McKinsey’s clients in Asia create change that matters, by building leading institutions and counselling leaders to deliver transformational change.
Noriko Kuya
Partner, Tokyo
Supports large-scale transformations for corporations, including sustained improvements in organizational capabilities and systems
Cinzia Lacopeta
Solutions Associate Partner, Milan
Coleads the firm’s digital capability centers in Europe and North America; focuses on building lasting capabilities on relevant tech enabled operational topics
Johanne Lavoie
Partner, Calgary
Enhances top-leadership capacity and agility at moments of personal and organizational transitions and supports transformational change by catalyzing change agents and embedding behaviors and mind-sets in everyday work
Michael Lurie
Partner, Southern California
Helps global organizations accelerate growth and performance through enterprise agility, top-team leadership capability building, and organizational transformation
Tarek Mansour
Senior Partner, Dubai
Counsels leaders on strategy and performance transformations; has over two decades focused on improving ROI for corporations and national investment-led value creation
J.R. Maxwell
Partner, Washington DC
Guides organizations in the private, public, and social sectors as they put more effective operating models in place and transform performance across the enterprise
David Muhlmann
Senior Expert, Paris
Advises clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East on talent management, workforce planning, performance management, organizational change, leadership, and development
Elizabeth Mygatt
Partner, Boston
Guides organizational transformation by improving operating model design, clarifying governance and decision making, and enhancing talent strategy
John C. W. Parsons
Senior Partner, Calgary
Transforms large industrial sites and organizations by implementing the latest performance-based approaches and leveraging the core principles of organizational health to ensure sustainable change.
Florian Pollner
Partner, Zurich
Helps leaders enhance their personal effectiveness, manage talent globally, and drive cultural change in their organizations
Sara Prince
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Helps clients reset and sustain new commercial capabilities to deliver step-change growth
Angelika Reich
Partner, Vienna
Drives impact from large-scale organizational transformation while addressing workforce challenges created by industry disruption and technology
Charlotte Relyea
Senior Partner, New York
Works closely with clients to build organizational capabilities to sustain long-term growth.
Philippine Risch
Partner, Amsterdam
Helps leaders and organizations create sustainable value by transforming their businesses toward customer centricity, speed, and agility
Scott Rutherford
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Helps defense and security agencies, financial institutions, and executives in a range of sectors tackle strategic, organizational, and operational challenges
Chandni Sachdeva
Associate Partner, New York
Enables clients to achieve their strategic goals by helping them develop talent capabilities and changing and adapting the way they work
Bill Schaninger
Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Designs and manages large-scale organizational transformations, strengthening business performance through enhanced culture, values, leadership, and talent systems
Joydeep Sengupta
Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads McKinsey’s Center for CEO Excellence in Asia and works with leading companies to transform their businesses
Patrick Simon
Senior Partner, Munich
Advises companies across industries on a broad array of topics with a focus on organizational transformation and harmonizing a company’s operating model with its strategy and the market’s requirements
Yves Slachmuylders
Partner, Brussels
Supports mergers and other transactions by guiding end-to-end transformation journeys, including due diligence, management of culture and talent, and value creation
Rodrigo Slelatt
Partner, Miami
Advises clients across a wide array of industries in their most complex and transformational M&A transactions; and coleads our Consumer M&A work globally.
Julia Sperling-Magro
Partner, Frankfurt
Serves private- and public-sector clients on large-scale organizational transformations, strengthening performance and health through enhanced culture, values, leadership, and talent systems
Ramesh Srinivasan
Senior Partner, New York
Helps clients implement lasting change; leads leadership learning programs for CEOs and partners
Richard Steele
Partner, New York
Designs and delivers purpose-driven transformation programs and is an expert in culture change, organizational agility, and using design-thinking to remake the employee experience and drive improved performance and organizational health
Shail Thaker
Senior Partner, London
Leads McKinsey’s Northern European hub of the Life Sciences Practice and the firm’s global healthcare organisation and enterprise agility work
Naveen Unni
Partner, Chennai
Passionate about sustainably transforming organisations and transforming sustainability in organisations
Mieke Van Oostende
Senior Partner, Brussels
Serves clients in the financial-services sector, particularly on strategy, organization, and risk management, with a global reputation in the field of merger management
Ivan Verlan
Partner, Kyiv
Leads McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales Practice in Central Europe, focusing on telecoms, B2C services, and B2B across a wide range of industries, and brings deep experience in customer-value management and personalization with advanced analytics
Arthur Vos
Partner, Amsterdam
Helps private- and public-sector organizations drive holistic change in strategy, operating model, and use of digital technology to prepare for the future
Brooke Weddle
Partner, Washington DC
Drives lasting change at scale for global organizations through digital transformation, operating-model redesign, enterprise agility, and leadership development
Dr. Kirsten Weerda
Partner, Munich
Helps clients in multiple industries pursue enterprise agility and flexible organization models; establishes breakthrough accountability to reduce complexity and applies change management approaches to mobilize organization-wide transformation
Tom Welchman
Partner, London
Leads digital and analytics assets for the People & Organizational Performance Practice; helps executives design and implement “future-proof” organizations for enhanced organizational health, performance improvement, and growth
Andy West
Senior Partner, Boston
Coleads our Strategy and Corporate Finance practice and brings deep experience to bear in helping mergers and acquisitions deliver growth through effective integration and new structures and governance
Phillia Wibowo
Partner, Jakarta
Leads our People & Organizational Performance Practice in Southeast Asia; helps clients across the region deliver sustained performance at scale through an integrated approach to lasting change, culture, talent, and leadership
Monne Williams
Partner, Atlanta
Brings deep expertise on organizational health and design during transformations, helping clients drive mindset and behavior change, and build capabilities at scale
Haimeng Zhang
Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Leads our work across China on infrastructure, sustainability, and public-sector issues; works extensively with cities and major developers to plan and deliver integrated, sustainable urban developments; develops the talent and leadership that organizations need to thrive