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Jacqueline Brassey

Director of Research ScienceLuxembourg

Core researcher and practitioner in sustainable human development and performance; passionate about helping individuals and organizations thrive by promoting improved mental health, well-being, agility, and resilience


Jacqui is McKinsey’s chief scientist and the director of research science for the firm’s People & Organizational Performance Practice. She’s also an affiliate leader of the McKinsey Health Institute. Jacqui brings over 20 years of experience as a practitioner academic in leadership and organizational development and positive neuroscience in and outside of McKinsey and academia.

In addition to her roles at McKinsey, she is a fellow researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and an adjunct professor at IE University in Madrid, Spain. Her research focuses on sustainable human development and performance, and she works across research from neuroscience, business, and leadership development. She has coauthored over 30 articles, books, and scientific papers.

Jacqui serves as a supervisory board member of Save the Children and as an advisory board member of the master’s in learning and development in organizations for Maastricht University.

Jacqui holds degrees in both organization and business sciences as well as medical sciences. She has a bachelor’s in international business and languages from Avans University of Applied Sciences, a cum laude bachelor’s and master’s in policy and organization sciences from Tilburg University, a PhD in economics and business from Groningen University, and a joint master’s in affective neuroscience from Maastricht University and the University of Florence.

Published work

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Past experience

Director, organizational diagnostics and HR
Manager, people and organizational insights
Account manager, frozen foods


Avans Hogeschool
BCom, international business and languages

Tilburg University
BA, MA, policy and organization sciences

University of Groningen
PhD, business and economics

Maastricht University and University of Florence
MS, affective neuroscience