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Wajih Abou-Zahr
Senior Partner, Dubai
Brings deep experience in telecommunications, helping leading companies win market share, drive top-line growth, and transform...
Lukasz Abramowicz
Partner, Riyadh
Leads McKinsey’s work in oil and gas downstream in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and brings deep expertise on organization,...
Salman Ahmad
Senior partner, Karachi
Leads McKinsey’s work in Pakistan. Has broad global experience in helping governments and major companies tackle their key challenges...
Gassan Al-Kibsi
Senior Partner and Chair - EEMA
Supports public, private, and social-sector leaders across the region to improve opportunities for the youth and create global...
Alberto Alvarez
Senior Partner, Dubai
Advises leading financial institutions, investors, and sovereign wealth funds on strategy, organisation and risk management. Supports...
Karim Aly
Partner, Cairo
Supports public-sector clients on strategic transformation and economic development programs
Rima Assi
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Abu Dhabi
Leads the Abu Dhabi office in the UAE; a core leader of our efforts in public finance and investments; globally coleads our work...
Jalil Bensouda
Senior Partner & Managing Partner, Cairo
Supports public and private clients on strategy, large scale transformations, and digital programs
Mark Bothorn
Partner, Riyadh
Creates digital solutions that drive companies’ success, helping them evolve into digitally-mature organizations
Shankar Chandrasekran
Partner, Doha
Builds the firm's value proposition on digital and analytics in capital projects and advises companies on strategy, performance...
Vinay Chandran
Partner, Dubai
A thought leader in data and analytics who works extensively with clients to deliver performance improvements through advanced...
Margaux Constantin
Partner , Dubai
Leads the firm’s work for the tourism sector, serving clients all over the world to tackle challenges from aspiration and strategy-setting...
Jad Dib
Partner, Dubai
Supports downstream oil and gas as well as petrochemicals companies in resetting their strategies and achieving their full potential...
Amadeo Di Lodovico
Senior Partner, Dubai
Serves leading companies in energy, industrial, conglomerates, and governments on strategic topics, operational and organizational...
Dennis Ducro
Partner, Abu Dhabi
Applies a global perspective to a broad spectrum of metals and mining transformation projects, including digitization, operations,...
Nicklas Garemo
Senior Partner, Abu Dhabi
Uses his expertise in infrastructure and operations to advise clients on strategy, organization, and operational effectiveness;...
Dr. Panco Georgiev
Senior Partner, Dubai
Works with leading institutions—both public and private—across the entire healthcare sector to improve care, shape growth and...
Charles Habak
Partner, Dubai
Supports public and private sector leaders in real estate and investments to sustainably improve the socio-economic conditions...
Dr. Mona Hammami
Partner, Abu Dhabi
Leverages deep experience in government administration, global development, global health, foreign aid & philanthropy, and strategic...
Stephen Hall
Partner, Dubai
Helps large organizations in the public and social sector transform their impact to improve outcomes for people across the Middle...
Dr. Viktor Hediger
Senior Partner, Dubai
Serves a variety of healthcare clients, including public and private payers and providers, with a focus on large scale primary...
Abdellah Iftahy
Partner, Dubai
Leads client projects in the consumer and retail sectors, with particular expertise on digital and analytics transformations
Tom Isherwood
Senior Partner, Dubai
Leads our Public & Social Sector Practice and supports government clients in more than 10 countries across Middle East, Europe,...
Sheinal Jayantilal
Partner, Dubai
Works with leading banks on topics including strategy, cost cutting, organisation redesign and marketing. Brings deep expertise...
Rami Abou Jaoude
Partner, Abu Dhabi
Leads high-impact transformations in the TMT space by helping companies drive top-line growth and maximize efficiency through...
Gaurang Jhunjhunwala
Partner, Dubai
Supports energy companies with growth strategy and tech-enabled transformations
Samvit Kanoria
Senior Partner and Managing Partner Qatar, Doha
Leads McKinsey’s work in real estate and infrastructure in the Middle East and is the global leader for institutional investors...
Jawad Khan
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Karachi
Leverages deep experience to help financial groups achieve sustainable tech-enabled growth
Georgi Konov
Partner, Dubai
A core retail leader with deep expertise in digital, distribution, and retail banking who serves financial institutions across...
Abdulkader Lamaa
Partner, Abu Dhabi
Crafts and builds game-changing digital experiences and ventures
Rachid Majiti
Senior Partner, Dubai
A leader in McKinsey’s Global Energy Practice, serving major oil-and-gas players and utilities across the Middle East. Supports...
Ali Malik
Partner, Karachi
Advises clients in Pakistan across a broad range of functional areas, including governments and major private companies, and brings...
Matteo Mancini
Senior Partner, Riyadh
Leads our work in advanced industries in Southeast Asia, and advises manufacturing and technology companies on a broad range of...
Tarek Mansour
Senior Partner, Dubai
Counsels leaders on strategy and performance transformations; has over two decades focused on improving ROI for corporations and...
Chiara Marcati
Partner, Dubai
Leads large-scale transformations of companies in the Middle East, specializing in operations, cost optimization, sales and channel...
Dr. Imraan Munshi
Senior Partner, Dubai
Advises clients on a range of healthcare-sector projects, including working with ministries of health on public-hospital performance...
Hasan Muzaffar
Senior Partner and Managing Partner Middle East, Dubai
Helps leading conglomerates, sovereign, and principal investors shape corporate strategy, optimize investments, and strengthen...
Fadi Najjar
Partner, Dubai
Advises financial/public-finance clients in the Middle East and North Africa on growth, turnaround strategies, end-to-end transformations,...
Mahir Nayfeh
Partner, Abu Dhabi
Leverages extensive experience implementing advanced analytics, digital, and cybersecurity transformations to advise private and...
Dr. Chandrasekhar Panda
Partner, Riyadh
Leads cross-industry client engagements across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on digital strategy, large-scale technology...
Eefke Post
Partner, Dubai
Leverages wide-ranging experience in telecommunications, media, and tech in more than 20 markets globally to advise clients on...
Vineet Rajadhyaksha
Partner, Dubai
Supports clients in city development, real estate, and infrastructure value chains
Dr. Mazen Ramsay Najjar
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Kuwait
Leads our Kuwait office as well as the Risk & Resilience Practice in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, is a member...
Sangeeth Ram
Senior Partner, Dubai
Supports clients in real-estate investment, development, construction, and management.
Tarek Rida
Partner, Dubai
Tarek helps institutional investors and governments improve the performance of their portfolios
Oscar Ruiz
Partner, Dubai
Brings more than 25 years of telecommunications experience both in consulting and management positions; supports telco operators...
Tarek El Sayed
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Riyadh
Supports CEOs, senior executives, and government leaders on a range of strategic and organizational topics.
Dirk Schmautzer
Partner, Dubai
Shapes economic and human capital development strategies to boost growth and create jobs. Leads McKinsey’s Education Practice...
Jörg Schubert
Partner, Dubai
Helps Middle Eastern governments create employment and economic growth, as well as improve public services and infrastructure
Joydeep Sengupta
Senior Partner, Dubai
Leads both the McKinsey Implementation Practice and Service Operations in EEMA, and coleads our Operations Practice in the Middle...
Christos Sermpetis
Partner, Dubai
Leads our Middle East Operations Practice, serving companies in extractive and process industries. Brings deep expertise across...
Hans-Martin Stockmeier
Senior Partner, Dubai
Leverages deep expertise to help financial institutions, family-owned businesses, and clients in consumer-facing industries transform...
Christian Stüer
Partner, Abu Dhabi
Advises financial and public sector clients on technology and operation topics—from digital transformation and mergers to agile...
Abdur-Rahim Syed
Partner, Dubai
A core leader in our technology and innovation work, serving private-sector companies, governments, and investors in the Middle...
Ali Ustun
Partner, Doha
Supports public, social, and healthcare clients on a broad range of strategic, development, and digital-transformation topics
Sonia Wedrychowicz
Partner, Dubai
A transformational business and technology leader who brings more than 25 years of experience, high energy, and deep commitment...
Loukas Ziomas
Partner, Doha
Serves leading global energy companies on strategy and operations with a particular focus on gas, natural gas, and downstream...
Yassir Zouaoui
Partner, Dubai
Advises public sector leaders to help foster sustainable economic development through evidence-based policy decisions