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Hasan Muzaffar

Senior Partner and Managing Partner Middle EastDubai

Helps leading conglomerates, principal investors shape corporate strategy, optimize investments, and strengthen portfolios

Hasan is our Middle East office manager and a core member of the firm’s global institutional investing and public finance work, as well as a member of the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice.

Since joining McKinsey in 2004, he has extensively served principal investors, private-sector institutions, and broader conglomerate companies on topics of strategy, asset allocation, portfolio approach, investment governance, and risk management.

His experience includes supporting the creation of more than ten new investment and principal investors-funding platforms. In addition, Hasan has supported multiple global governments in developmental finance institutions and ecosystems, including the creation of new funds for economic development, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) support systems, lending, job creation, and economic stimulus efforts.

Hasan has expertise working on financing, balance sheet management, and strategic management topics. He has led over 30 engagements for financing guidance, public-private partnerships, monetization, and privatization or equity readiness for portfolios across manufacturing, logistics, infrastructure, transportation, education, housing, and healthcare.

Prior to joining McKinsey, Hasan worked in various product management and supply chain roles.



Lahore University of Management Sciences
BS, economics