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Dr. Panco Georgiev

Partner, Dubai
Works with leading institutions across the entire healthcare sector—both public and private—to improve care, shape growth and expansion strategies, transform organisational and financial performance, and develop talent and leadership

About Panco

Dr. Panco Georgiev is a partner at McKinsey, based in our Dubai office. Since joining the firm in 2007, Panco has supported clients across the entire healthcare sector, with a focus on advising governments, payors and providers in emerging markets on strategic, organizational, and operational topics.

Panco has deep experience in supporting major healthcare institutions in the Middle East. For example, he developed strategic business plans and created an ambitious leadership development programme for a major hospital system; and helped design and deliver a large-scale performance transformation programme for an emergency medical services (EMS) provider. He also supported a ministry of health with implementation of a national health insurance scheme, and developed a blueprint for a new medical college.

Panco’s work with private health providers in the Middle East includes developing strategies for market entry, business growth and expansion, pricing and international recruiting, among other topics. He also shaped a health services strategy for a leading health insurance company, and has supported major pharmaceutical companies on their Middle East growth strategies.

Outside of the Middle East, Panco’s experience includes shaping the growth strategy for a large Swiss private hospital group; numerous commercial due diligences on provider assets; and a multi-stakeholder project with leading governmental and private institutions in Switzerland to improve care for chronic diseases. Panco has also worked with several large pharmaceutical companies to develop strategies for therapeutic areas and business units.

A medical doctor with a PhD in molecular biology, Panco has published more than 20 scientific publications. Prior to joining McKinsey, he undertook a clinical residency in surgery at the University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland, with a focus on abdominal surgery and transplantation. He also undertook three years of basic science research with a focus on liver immunology.


University of Zurich, Switzerland
MD; PhD, molecular biology