We help clients improve efficiency and innovate for the future to produce quality products in a competitive way.

The agriculture industry faces a wide spectrum of challenges such as dramatic supply and demand variability and cyclicality, uncertainty in growing seasons, small and distributed rural sites, and an ongoing consolidation of players across the value chain.

At this pivotal point of innovation and disruption, we help clients improve efficiency and innovate for the future to produce quality products in a competitive way. We provide guidance on issues such as increasing plant productivity, improving supply chain and planning capabilities, evaluating network and footprint, and sourcing raw materials and inputs efficiently. Our approach focuses on identifying value drivers to deliver bottom-line impact, combining deep expertise, proprietary tools, and industry leading capabilities.

What We Do

Use digital tools to improve throughput, yield, and quality of manufacturing assets.
Improve equipment uptime through targeted maintenance and reliability programs.
Evaluate plant footprint to identify non-strategic or underperforming assets.
Redesign supply-chain planning processes and network optimization.
Develop procurement strategies and processes to reduce acquisition costs on key categories.
Engage the organization through holistic transformation efforts to improve performance and health.
Invest heavily capability building to ensure sustainable, lasting impact.

Examples of our work

Unlocking performance with digital

Helped a global trader and processor realize a 5 percent EBIT uplift by using advanced analytics to optimize profit-per-hour at its crushing plant.

Network redesign

Helped an agriculture distributor reduce its warehouse footprint by 40 percent by completing a network evaluation and rebooting its supply chain planning processes.

Transformation at scale

Partnered with a global ag inputs player to implement a cross-functional enterprise transformation across manufacturing, supply chain, and procurement delivering $2 billion in EBIT.

Featured Capability


ACRE combines proprietary market outlooks, pricing data, and expert insights to help food companies, governments, investors, and agriculture players make better pricing, crop selection, and sales and marketing decisions.

Featured Insights


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