We help agriculture companies navigate a future of uncertainty, stemming from evolving commodity markets, climate change, and the rise of digitization as a disruptive force.


We provide support on issues ranging from corporate and business unit strategy to mergers and acquisitions. Our approach covers the full value chain, combining expert support with proprietary tools, analytics, and other industry knowledge such as animal health, consumer packaged goods, public sector, corporate strategy, and private equity.

What We Do

Improve performance across portfolios, pinpoint opportunities for growth in new business areas, and identify areas that might need to cut back or divest.
Develop innovation strategies and execute plans to win in a dynamic market.
Strengthen the strategy-development processes of companies to make better decisions and act on them.

Examples of our work

Navigating the rise of digital

Supported a global inputs provider on its digital strategy, resulting in multiple acquisitions and business building.

Developing innovation approaches

Guided a global fertilizer company in its expansion, especially on its innovation strategy.

Holistic portfolio review

Helped a company evaluate resource allocation and pursue organic and inorganic opportunities.

Featured Capabilties

Portfolio Analyzer: A customizable, user-friendly app that offers a detailed visual representation of the current portfolio and of potential portfolio moves.

Corporate Performance Analytics: A digital platform for benchmarking financial performance data, developing strategies, and uncovering insights for data-driven decision-making.

Resource-reallocation diagnostic: A tool that assesses reallocation history and the barriers a company faces when attempting to shift resources, including capital expenditures, marketing spending, operational expenditures, and talent.

ACRE: Combines proprietary market outlooks, pricing data, and expert insights to help food companies, governments, investors, and agriculture players make better pricing, crop selection, and sales and marketing decisions.

Featured Insights


Winning in Africa’s agricultural market

– Private-sector companies can find practical solutions to enter and grow in Africa’s agricultural market.

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