We help agriculture companies achieve the transformational change required to get ahead of shifting global consumer demand, evolving agricultural trends, and digital disruptions.


Change across the global food-value chain has accelerated rapidly in recent years, including input player consolidation, digitally enabled distribution approaches, and entrants into the market with disruptive aspirations.

To enable organizations to adapt, we help deliver rapid corporate turnarounds, unlock major efficiency gains through restructuring, create substantial value from mergers and acquisitions, and build enduring competitive advantage through superior talent and leadership.

What We Do

Bring analytical rigor to the science of organization, using facts and benchmarks to scope the opportunity and measure results.
Integrate every effort to strengthen the organization of business imperatives such as executing strategy, improving operations, and meeting customer needs.
Focus on short-term results, and also on building organizational health, both capabilities and qualities that underpin sustained performance.

Examples of our work

Supporting an agriculture industry merger and culture transformation

Supported an agriculture merger and culture transformation to create an industry leader with an enterprise value of more than $100 billion. We helped identify its aspiration, design a new operating model, and develop a holistic change journey, including a leadership capability-building program that engaged all levels of the organization and re-designing business processes to support value creation.

Agro-chemical company procurement capability program

Guided a company seeking efficiency gains following a 70 percent drop in profitability. We used proprietary diagnostic tools to conduct an assessment of capabilities and launched a comprehensive capability building program, leading to bottom-line impact far exceeding the original $200 million target.

Transforming the performance of a chemical company

Supported a chemical company struggling with significant debt and share price decline by bringing a multi-faceted suite of proprietary offerings to enable a broader transformation program. The work contributed to a seven-fold share price improvement and 35 point organizational health index improvement within 15 months.

Featured Capabilities


Design and implement a winning organizational structure

People Analytics

Use advanced analytics to make better talent decisions

Talent Match

Put the right talent in the best roles to create the most value

Organizational Health Index

Put hard numbers and improvement actions on your organization’s health

Featured Insights

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