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A man with a smile on his face after arriving in a European city is holding his phone in one hand and his luggage in the other, as he waits for a taxi.
An update on European consumer sentiment: A sunnier outlook ahead of summer?
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Article - MGI Research
Accelerating Europe: Competitiveness for a new era


Czech McKinsey Global Services

McKinsey Global Services

Sustainability and business building

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Driving sustainable, inclusive growth

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The state of AI in 2023: Generative AI’s breakout year
Decarbonizing the world’s industries: A net-zero guide for nine key sectors
Decarbonizing the world’s industries: A net-zero guide for nine key sectors
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Report - McKinsey Health Institute
Closing the women’s health gap: A $1 trillion opportunity to improve lives and economies
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Report - MGI Research
Investing in productivity growth

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Viktor Hanzlík
Managing PartnerPrague
Managing partner of McKinsey & Company in Prague and global co-lead of the firm’s power and gas grids work. Serves clients across...
Dan Svoboda
Managing Partner, Central EuropePrague
Managing Partner of McKinsey’s Central Europe office
Helena Šarkanová
Helps clients transform their companies into more agile organizations while utilizing the latest digital and omnichannel capabilities...
Tomáš Karakolev
Senior ExpertPrague
Helps clients plan and execute M&A transactions, integrate targets, and build new, innovative companies and business models
Dario Maggiora
Serves clients on a variety of strategic issues, focused exclusively on insurance and banking
Jakub Zivansky
Helps clients optimize their renewables strategy, operating model and overcome supply chain and deliverability challenges with...

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McKinsey & Company, Inc. Prague - organizační složka Milevská 5, 140 00, Praha 4 VAT ID: CZ 272 14 869 Email: prague@mckinsey.com

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