Our People

We are only as good as our people. That’s why we recruit top talent and then help them reach their full potential to become world-class experts in their fields.


When consultants decide to leave McKinsey it may be for a number of reasons. All of them, however, have something in common. First is the McKinsey experience, which will be instrumental to their continued success. Second is a guaranteed membership of a very special club of global innovators, local and regional business leaders, and daring entrepreneurs.

Founding Partner, Enern; Partner, Kaya VC

Pavel Mucha

McKinsey consultant: 2001-2007

“For my current life as a venture investor, the time I spent at McKinsey was instrumental… the firm has brought me up in habits and practices which help me to navigate quickly in a high-uncertainty environment.”

Chief People Officer, Bloomreach

Uršula Králová

McKinsey consultant: 2002-2012

“McKinsey gave me lots of good friends, a fantastic network and deep understanding of various business issues. McKinsey is not only involved with business issues but also takes a view on how business impacts the overall economy/country and society, and it was nice to be part of something bigger.”

Country manager, Google Slovakia

Rastislav Kulich

McKinsey consultant: 2006-2011

“I could hardly have wished for a better experience than McKinsey. Working on top projects in 16 countries over the span of less than 5 years may have been baptism by fire, but it was welcome nevertheless. What’s best is the network of super people that will stay for life.”

Director, KKR

Tomáš Kubica

McKinsey consultant: 2007-2009

“I could not have wished for a better start to my career than McKinsey. I learned how businesses operate, what drives their value, and how to unlock their potential. I acquired strong analytical and communication skills, learned how to work in a team, and built a strong network of friends and business contacts for life. I am grateful to the firm for all the experience and am proud to be a McK alum – once McKinsey, always McKinsey!”

COO, VÚB banka

Marie Kovářová

McKinsey consultant: 1998-2004

“I like to come back to my McKinsey years in my memory. Right after graduation, it allowed me to start working in industries, such as heavy industry in Germany, I would otherwise have had a hard time entering. As a consultant, you can tackle challenges that are important for the client, have significant impact. This gives you an unusual amount of experience in an unusually short time. All that while surrounded by very capable, smart and interesting colleagues. What else could one wish for?”

Head of Strategy & Business Development (Marketplaces), PayPal

Tomáš Líkař

McKinsey consultant: 2007-2016

“There is no better place to learn business and leadership than McKinsey, even Ivy League schools do not come close. You work with different companies, solve difficult strategic issues in a very quick pace and work directly with senior leaders. In addition to this, the Prague office is a very close-knit community where I created some of the most meaningful relationships of my career.”

Non Executive Board Member, CTP NV

Pavel Trenka

McKinsey consultant: 2000-2007

“McKinsey was a great accelerator for my learning and professional development – I believe no other career option (other than starting your own business) can achieve that. The quality of colleagues I worked with and the global network of experts and know-how I could tap into made learning an on-the-job routine. Finding solutions for clients' ever-changing challenges was personally rewarding. But turning our solutions into lasting impact even a few years down the road made it a true win-win.”

CEO and owner, DIRECT pojišťovna; Founder, Direct finance Europe

Pavel Řehák

McKinsey consultant: 1999-2006

“Besides huge personal learning and inspiration from working with and observing great leaders and teammates, McKinsey gave me understanding and confidence that everything is possible. How else could an ordinary guy with no corporate history and with very short professional experience help shape agendas of large corporations on matters often critical to their existence? There is nothing set in stone and if there is, then logic, common sense, drive and dedication are the chisels with which one can change it. Nobody needs to be a victim of a system or circumstances if he/she does not give up in shaping it.”


Branislav Kleskeň

McKinsey consultant: 1997-2012

“Looking back, I must admit that I joined the firm for purely selfish reasons: professional learning and growth – and I am happy to say that I've grown much more than I imagined in my wildest dreams. Eventually though, I stayed for many years for different reasons: professional values, client impact, mentors, friends, global perspective. And what I found along the way is a better perspective on who am I and what I care about as well as how I can best contribute to the world. And for that, I am very grateful to all my colleagues and clients who helped me, and challenged me, along the way.”