Our People


Rima Assi
Senior Partner, Abu Dhabi
Leads the Abu Dhabi office and advises leaders, policy makers, and governments on the transformation of fiscal-management and...
Jacob Bryant
Partner, Seattle
Jake helps education organizations improve learner outcomes, strengthen their financial sustainability, and better harness technology.
Andres Cadena
Senior Partner, Bogotá
Champions Latin America’s economic development and applies financial and strategic expertise in work with the region’s...
Li-Kai Chen
Senior Partner and Managing Partner, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Leads our office in Malaysia and advises companies and public sector institutions on major organizational and performance transformation...
David Chinn
Managing Partner, Tel Aviv
Leads our Israel office; helps clients in Israel and across Europe in the government, armed forces, and industrial sectors make...
Alberto Chaia
Senior Partner, Miami
Works with clients in Mexico, Latin America and globally to develop strategies for economic development, financial inclusion and...
Michael Conway
Senior Partner, Philadelphia
Leads our global work in international development, public health, and biopharmaceuticals, helping leading organizations in public,...
Eoin Daly
Senior Partner, London
Leads our Public Sector and Social Sector Practices in the UK, advising companies and governments on delivering performance transformations
Tom Dohrmann
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Leads large-scale organizational transformations and operations improvement for federal-, state-, and local-government clients
Emma Dorn
Senior Knowledge Expert, Bay Area
Supports education donors, foundations, systems, and institutions to improve education outcomes and equity for all students, with...
David Fine
Senior Partner, London
Leads our work globally in the public sector, social sector, and healthcare, with deep commitment to strengthening public services...
Dr. Viktor Hediger
Senior Partner, Dubai
Serves a variety of healthcare clients, including public and private payers and providers, with a focus on large scale primary...
Hagar Heijmans
Partner, Amsterdam
Helps companies and governments transform their operating models by translating strategy into organizational design
Solveigh Hieronimus
Senior Partner, Munich
Serves public sector clients on a broad range of topics, with a special focus on structural reforms and the Future of Work. Coleads...
Kartik Jayaram
Senior Partner, Nairobi
Works to advance country and regional development and helps drive large-scale transformation in the public and private sectors
Björn Münstermann
Senior Partner, Munich
Is coleader of McKinsey's global work in insurance operations and technology, leads our public sector work in Germany and Austria...
John-Paul (JP) Julien
Associate Partner, Philadelphia
Serves US federal, state and city governments on inclusive economic-development topics and supports private-, public-, and social-sector...
Michael Lazar
Partner, New York
Leads public and private sector clients through transformations and strategy development
Nina Probst
Partner, Geneva
Helps private, public, and social sector organizations increase their effectiveness and efficiency to better deliver on their...
Adam Sabow
Senior Partner, Chicago
Works with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, global health institutions, and not for profits to support commercial...
Saurabh Sanghvi
Partner, Bay Area - Silicon Valley
Partners with public, private, and not-for-profit organizations around the world to set bold strategies and execute plans that...
Jörg Schubert
Senior Partner, Dubai
Helps Middle Eastern governments create employment and economic growth, as well as improve public services and infrastructure
Navjot Singh
Senior Partner, Boston
Drives innovation at the intersection of science, engineering, medicine, business, and government. Combines expertise in strategy,...
Shubham Singhal
Senior Partner, Detroit
Global leader of McKinsey’s Healthcare and Public & Social Sector Practices with the mission to measurably improve individuals’...
Sara Slayton O’Rourke
Partner, Washington DC
Serves governments and private sector organizations on major financial and operational transformations to enhance mission outcomes...
Matt Wilson
Senior Partner, New York
Brings extensive expertise across the healthcare sector; currently helping to lead McKinsey’s global client response to COVID-19