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Shubham Singhal

Senior PartnerDetroit

Global leader of McKinsey's social, healthcare, and public entities sectors with the mission to measurably improve individuals' lives, livelihoods, and health by creating more resilient communities around the world

Shubham leads McKinsey’s healthcare, public sector and social sector work globally. He serves leading healthcare and social institutions and governments on all top-management agenda issues. His primary areas of focus include strategy, growth, M&A, business building, and large-scale digital and performance transformations. In healthcare, he has extensively served publicly traded and not-for-profit payers as well as public payers for more than 20 years. He also serves providers as well as healthcare technology and pharmacy companies.

Shubham leads McKinsey’s COVID-19 response externally. He has worked alongside clients on immediate response efforts to save lives and livelihoods; developed strategies for companies to be resilient and pursue growth and new business building; supported preparations to resume economic growth and activity and return to the workplace; and advised on navigating the imminent restructuring of the global economic order.

He also leads the firm’s thinking and research on the future of healthcare in the wake of rapid advancements in digital, advanced analytics, and medical technologies; emergence of new treatments; healthcare reform and regulatory change; the rise of the healthcare consumer; and risk disaggregation and reallocation across the healthcare system. He has deeply studied the shifts in overall spend as well as profit pools within the healthcare industry as these structural shifts play out. His expertise has been key in defining the structural and performance implications of this transformation for payers, providers, and services organizations across the healthcare value chain.

Shubham has led the significant expansion of the firm's capabilities in the development deep technical expertise in areas like advanced analytics, actuarial, implementation, design and digital. He has championed the development and growth of the McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform and the Center for Societal Benefit through Healthcare to advance our aspiration to fundamentally improve healthcare.

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Past Experience

Various executive positions, including plant and engineering management


Carnegie Mellon University

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
BSc, mechanical engineering