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Business Building

Achieving breakout growth by creating, launching, and scaling new businesses in healthcare
With organizations facing unprecedented rates of change in healthcare, new recipes for success will be necessary moving forward. Healthcare leaders will need to create new businesses and think beyond their core capabilities to help unlock the next big waves of growth.
We work with both high-growth and established organizations to build and scale innovative new businesses from scratch that thrive. We put the customer at the heart of every business and every operating model, building the capabilities necessary to compete and grow in healthcare.


Leap by McKinsey works with established organizations to build and scale innovative and thriving new businesses from scratch.


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who are former founders or innovators


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Examples of our work

Design of a new operating organization for a large hospital-management and healthcare-services provider

To monetize its operational-and financial-management capabilities for facilities in fast-growing markets, we performed a rapid diagnostic to identify opportunities, created a business case, and developed an organizational structure, governance model, and preliminary one-year implementation plan. The new business enabled the organization to break into a higher-growth business line.

Establishment of an integrated healthcare ecosystem

An organization wanted to change the way insurance companies did business in healthcare. We came together to build an integrated healthcare ecosystem and develop a range of services across the continuum of care for sustainable growth opportunities.

Scale of a healthcare-technology-services platform in private equity

To support a leading private-equity firm attracted to the high-growth healthcare-technology and -services sector, we performed due diligence and integration of two assets to create a new entity that spanned payment integrity, risk adjustment, population health, and analytics. We helped refresh the marketing and sales strategy through granular understanding of customer needs and journeys, resulting in more than $150 million in new revenue and new opportunities for growth.

Traditional payer expanding into healthcare services

A traditional payer was interested in finding new avenues for step-change growth and value for its core business. We identified opportunities based on the organization’s structural endowments, existing capabilities, and market landscape. To execute, we developed a road map that incorporated both organic and inorganic capital deployment, including comprehensive deal scans and target filtering.

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