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Roland Dillon


Works with leaders at the intersection of private, public, and nonprofit sectors on talent and operating model transformations to create enterprise value and social impact

Roland is passionate about helping organizations become more resilient and adaptable. Roland leads McKinsey’s leadership, talent, and operating model work across the Asia-Pacific region with a special focus on the public and resources sectors.

As a leader of the People & Organizational Performance Practice, Roland works with organizations to help transform their operating models to improve outcomes, navigate disruption, and integrate new ways of working.

He is a global leader of the public sector talent and capability practice and is on the board of the McKinsey Center for Government. Roland also serves as faculty for many of McKinsey’s signature programs, including the Australian Major Projects Leadership Academy and the Executive Leadership Program.

As leader of the social impact practice, Roland is the founder and lead partner of McKinsey’s Mission Delivery program, which has supported more than 10,000 social-sector leaders. He also works with numerous nonprofit management teams and boards on organizational health.

Some examples of Roland’s recent work include:

  • supporting multiple federal and state governments with public health response and recovery, disaster response, and building community resilience
  • leading the operating model transformation for a global resources company to support the integration of legacy and new businesses
  • leading multiple outcome-based expenditure reviews for federal and state governments
  • designing and delivering multiple at-scale leadership and capability programs for leaders
  • supporting workforce planning and transformation across a national social service provider

Prior to McKinsey, Roland worked as a lawyer and policy maker in both federal and state governments.


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Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning
Policy advisor

Policy advisor



Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs
MPA, environmental science and policy

Monash University