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Comprehensive transformation of chemicals company
Helping to right the ship for a specialty chemicals company

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Daniel Aminetzah
Senior PartnerNew York
Advises global agricultural and specialty chemicals companies—along with investors in the sector—on corporate strategy, M&A,...
Ryan Davies
Senior PartnerWashington DC
Helps clients execute large-scale transformations to create substantial and enduring improvements in organizational performance...
John Warner
Senior PartnerOhio - Cleveland
Coleads the firm’s Global Energy and Materials Practice.
Anna Littmann
Designs and implements company-wide performance transformations with a focus on the chemical, agricultural, and healthcare industries...
Dr. Christoph Schmitz
Senior PartnerFrankfurt
Leads global capital excellence work by helping clients optimize portfolios, design projects, and improve execution. He supports...
Alexander Klei
Leads our industrial sector in Switzerland and helps companies develop winning strategies, effectively manage and integrate M&A,...
Georg Winkler
Senior PartnerBerlin
Advises companies in business-to-business industries, particularly the chemicals sector, as they set new strategies and boost...
Ulrich Weihe
Senior PartnerFrankfurt
Provides guidance on Strategy, M&A, Restructuring and Transformation, R&D and Merger Management for chemical, biotech and process...
Jakob Ruden
Brings distinct expertise in finance and operations to support clients in executing and sustaining at-scale transformations
Tom Kolaja
Senior PartnerLondon
Coleads our activist response work in Europe and leads global clients undergoing transformation, managing through distress, or...
Laura Millroy
Guides technology-enabled transformations for chemicals and biotechnology companies, employing digital and analytics approaches...

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