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The Mission Possible Partnership (MPP) is an alliance of organizations brought together by World Economic Forum (WEF), RMI, the Energy Transitions Commission, and We Mean Business Coalition that is addressing one of the toughest challenges in climate change: decarbonizing seven of the world’s hardest-to-abate sectors by 2050. As the knowledge partner of the coalition, McKinsey brings over a decade of sustainability research, analytics tools and solutions, and a dedicated team of more than 30 partners and experts. Our collaboration with MPP will help to accelerate transitions in heavy-duty road transport, aviation, shipping, steel, aluminum, cement, and chemicals.

Mission possible partnership reports


Net-zero steel in building and construction: The way forward

– Rising demand for greener approaches creates an imperative for the industry to seize the moment, adopt new mindsets, and set standards for the transition to a greener future.

The Next Wave: Green Corridors

Green corridors are specific trade routes between major port hubs where zero-emission solutions are supported. A new report shows that accelerated decarbonization for the shipping industry is feasible, and could provide stakeholders with the confidence to invest, coordinate, and deliver solutions at scale by 2030.

Road Freight Zero: Pathways to faster adoption of zero-emission trucks

This report identifies three groups of solutions can act as accelerators for faster adoption: new policy frameworks, innovative financing and service models, and coordinated roll-out of trucks and infrastructure.

Critical insights on the path to a net-zero aviation sector

Dramatically reducing CO2 emissions by 2050 in the aviation industry will not be easy, but advanced modeling shows that it is possible—with the right ambition and investment.

About McKinsey and the mission possible partnership

What will it take to green seven of the hardest-to-abate industries?

– Working with the Mission Possible Partnership, McKinsey is helping to reduce carbon emissions in shipping, aviation, steel, and other areas.

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