What’s hot in Asia for 2021: McKinsey’s take on the region’s biggest business opportunities

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After a year of immense change, businesses must now gauge how they can capture the opportunities that have arisen in the wake of 2020. Whether it’s focusing on acceleration, capitalizing on new technologies, or adapting to a changing consumer landscape, how businesses respond to these trends will shape what can be achieved in 2021, and beyond.

The five big trends all business leaders need to know for 2021

Asia chairman Oliver Tonby highlights how these five trends can help businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors in the year ahead.

The three key trends in tech and digital in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the rate at which businesses adopted new technology. McKinsey Asia’s head of Digital, Anand Swaminathan, uses the backdrop of 2020 to predict three big technology trends in 2021.

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Why Asia is at the center of climate change in 2021

Asia’s incredible rates of urbanization are delivering a huge upswing in productivity and nation building, yet it can have devastating effects on the environment. McKinsey Global Institute director Dr. Jonathan Woetzel speaks on how Asia will play a crucial role in the world's response to climate change.

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How consumer behaviors and loyalty will change in 2021

This year will bring challenges for offline and online retailers alike. How can retailers retain their customers in a post-pandemic world? Tokyo-based partner Naomi Yamakawa shares more on the different types of consumers that will emerge after the pandemic.

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Why 2021 will be a year of innovation

2020 was the year that uncovered what was possible. In 2021, we now have the chance to bring that spirit of innovation to the future. Angus Dawson, McKinsey’s managing partner in Australia and New Zealand, shares his thoughts on why 2021 will be the year of possibilities.

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Four ways technology will impact Asia in 2021

Advancements in technology drove Asia’s growth over the last decade. As the region continues on this trajectory, technology will continue to be a key driver to that growth in the next ten years. Seoul-based senior partner Wonsik Choi speaks on the four technology trends affecting Asia’s growth, and how the region will influence the global technology industry.

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The big trends for consumer behavior in Asia in 2021

In Asia, digital, value, and purpose will be the key considerations for consumers in a post-pandemic world. Singapore-based senior partner Dymfke Kuijpers shares more on how this will affect consumer behaviors in the year ahead.

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Why 2021 will be the year of the “Great Acceleration”

Just as earthquakes release tectonic forces, the pandemic did the same for business capabilities across Asia. Sydney-based senior partner Chris Bradley speaks about why 2021 will be the year that businesses pivot towards acceleration.

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