Consumer behavior in a pandemic: How patterns have changed for Generation Z, and more insights

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Imagining your customers’ possible futures: A Design x Foresight approach

– In fast-growing and diversifying Asian consumer markets, many possible futures lie ahead, but how can businesses anticipate them and future proof their organizations? Strategic foresight and futures design are useful tools.
Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

Beyond income: Redrawing Asia’s consumer map

– Asia’s consumer markets are not only growing rapidly but diversifying and segmenting. Three changes in perspective are key to understanding new consumption paths in the region.

The shifting consumer packaged goods market in a diversifying Asia

– Rising incomes and shifting consumption patterns are transforming Asia’s consumer packaged goods market. These changes present... opportunities for companies that are agile and able to offer a locally relevant presence.
Article - Updated July 2021

Meet your future Asian consumer

– Asia’s consumer markets are not only a story of scale, but also one of diversity and shifting preferences and behavior caused... by powerful demographic, social, and economic forces.

The new faces of the Vietnamese consumer

– In the next decade, Vietnam’s middle class is expected to continue to grow, spreading out geographically and becoming more... diverse.

Consumer sentiments across Asia