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For the first time in history, people in Asia could experience lethal heatwaves
Climate risk

For the first time in history, people in Asia could experience lethal heatwaves

Based on the findings from our Climate Risk report preview, between 600 million and one billion people in Asia will be living in areas with a nonzero annual probability of lethal heatwaves by 2050, absent adaptation and mitigation.

Voices on the Future of Asia


Could the CEO moment become a CEO movement?

– The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way that many CEOs lead. In this series of videos, McKinsey’s global managing partner Kevin Sneader shares his thoughts on the future of the CEO role.

Mitigating and adapting to climate risk in Asia

– The Earth’s climate is changing after more than 10,000 years of relative stability. As Asia seeks to grow its economy—and remain a key source of growth for the world—the climate is thus a critical challenge that the region will need to manage. 

Critical thinking

Trade & Network flows

How are Asian flows and networks defining the next phase of globalization?


How technology is safeguarding health and livelihoods in Asia

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Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Climate risk and response in Asia

– In many ways, Asia is on the frontline of a changing climate. We analyze the extent of climate risk facing the region and effective... responses for adaptation and mitigation.

Organizing for speed: Agile as a means to transformation in Japan

– Japanese working practices may help or hinder the adaptation of agile approaches that can increase an organization’s speed... and customer centricity. Addressing five main areas can allow leaders to master the transition to enterprise agility.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Addressing society’s pain points: An interview with the CEO of Ayala Corporation

– Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala reflects on Asia’s imperative, and his own, to find inclusive and creative solutions to complex... and uncertain challenges.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Using ecosystems to reach higher: An interview with the co-CEO of Ping An

– Expect digital to further blur industry lines, supercharge scalability, and loosen geographical restraints for professional services,... says Jessica Tan.

The next frontier in Asia payments

– Five fundamental themes are reshaping Asia’s payments landscape, requiring a swift response—and in some cases, self-reinvention—from... players across the value chain.

Getting acquainted with a more mindful Australian consumer

– COVID-19 is reshaping the emotional needs of Australian consumers and, subsequently, their purchasing behaviour.

Insurance strategy in Asia: Using programmatic M&A during the pandemic

– Few insurers thrive by relying solely on organic growth. Insurers operating in Asia must make M&A and other forms of inorganic... growth strategic priorities.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

How an Australian resources company makes ESG a priority

– Karen Wood, chair of South32, talks about what makes the company’s purpose and strategy resilient in unpredictable times.

Building agile organizations for the next normal

– Agile companies have managed the impact of the COVID-19 crisis better than their peers.

Reforming public education in Australia: An interview with Mark Scott AO

– Students thrive when school leaders have good data, strong professional development, autonomy over spending, and targeted support,... says the leader of New South Wales’ public education system.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Private equity and the pandemic: An interview with the CEO of Hahn & Company

– Scott Sang-Won Hahn, CEO of the South Korean private-equity firm Hahn & Company, discusses forces at work in his country and... how the dynamics unleashed by COVID-19 are an impetus for change.
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What is the Future of Asia?

For years, Western observers have talked about Asia’s massive future potential. But the future arrived even faster than expected. The question is no longer how quickly Asia will rise; it is how Asia will lead.