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Celebrating two years of Future of Asia


The Asian Century, two years on: A look back

– When Asia’s economy officially become larger than any other region in the world, it signaled a new era of Asian leadership.

Five windows of opportunity for postpandemic Asia

– Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused hardship, Asia has remained relatively resilient, and opportunities for growth are opening... up.

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Article - Updated July 2021

Meet your future Asian consumer

– Asia’s consumer markets are not only a story of scale, but also one of diversity and shifting preferences and behavior caused by powerful demographic, social, and economic forces.

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Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

Beyond income: Redrawing Asia’s consumer map

– Asia’s consumer markets are not only growing rapidly but diversifying and segmenting. Three changes in perspective are key to understanding new consumption paths in the region.

Voices on the Future of Asia


The Asian Century, two years on: What’s changed and what’s next

– After two years that transformed nearly every aspect of our world, McKinsey leaders from across the region discuss the biggest forces that have taken shape since the Asian Century began.

What’s hot in Asia for 2021: McKinsey’s take on the region’s biggest business opportunities

– In our “Two Minutes on 2021” mini-series, eight of McKinsey’s leaders in Asia share their take on what should be top-of-mind for senior business executives.

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Trade and network flows

How are Asian flows and networks defining the next phase of globalization?


How technology is safeguarding health and livelihoods in Asia

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Australia and New Zealand: Building ‘agile’ capability

– Why this is the perfect time for organisations to embrace and execute agile.

Outward bound: Why Australian companies should look offshore for growth

– As Australian companies shift their focus back to growth, they should assess how the global pandemic has created new opportunities... for international expansion.

Technology-driven growth in China: An interview with Jiang Xing

– The CEO of ZhongAn Insurance says the industry can generate momentum for growth by taking advantage of trends, preparing for future... developments, and increasing investments in digital transformation.

Future of Asia: The future of financial services

– Changes in Asia's consumer markets offer new and diverse opportunities for growth.

Driving Asia's $10 trillion consumption growth opportunity

– Asian consumers are changing the way they shop and spend, and these shifts are creating a $10 trillion growth opportunity over... the next decade. Tiago Devesa, engagement manager in McKinsey's Sydney office, explains what these new consumption patterns are, and what this means for businesses.

The Future of Digital Innovation in China: Megatrends Shaping One of the World’s Fastest Evolving Digital Ecosystems

– The paths taken by Chinese companies have relevant implications for other digital and traditional players as they craft their... strategies.
Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

Five Fifty: The lonely economy

– As households get smaller, new forms of connection and consumption are emerging. Are you ready to hug your robot friend?

Steady state: Prioritising stability in a volatile market

– How Santos CEO Kevin Gallagher led a comprehensive reform of the Australian energy company’s operating model.

Winning formula: How Europe’s top tech start-ups get it right

– We studied Europe’s top 1,000 start-ups to learn how they succeed in the region’s fragmented value pool and found... the answers lie in four distinct strategic plays.

The race to win: How automakers can succeed in a post-pandemic China

– A new McKinsey survey shows that Chinese consumers have drastically changed their vehicle preferences and car-buying habits in... the wake of COVID-19. How can OEMs adjust?

How Japan could reach carbon neutrality by 2050

– And why it must start now.
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What is the Future of Asia?

For years, Western observers have talked about Asia’s massive future potential. But the future arrived even faster than expected. The question is no longer how quickly Asia will rise; it is how Asia will lead. Future of Asia is the leading voice on what leaders need to know about doing business in the Asian Century.