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Oliver Tonby

Senior PartnerSingapore

Advises oil and gas, energy, and industrial clients on strategic, development, and operations issues; member of Singapore’s Future Economy Council

Oliver is a core leader of McKinsey's Innovation & Learning Centers in Singapore, an Industry 4.0–focused model factory that drives digital transformation of companies in Southeast Asia. He was previously the chairman of McKinsey’s offices in Asia, including in Australia, India, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, as well as the regional leader for Southeast Asia and the global coleader for McKinsey’s firmwide All-In initiative, which develops and shares innovative ways of working that promote gender inclusivity and women’s leadership.

Since joining McKinsey, Oliver has worked across multiple industries, including energy and materials, industrials, private equity, and technology. He has worked alongside clients on large scale, integrated transformation and growth—including internationalization, organizational development, leadership development, operational improvement, strategic planning, and mergers and acquisitions. Oliver also has deep expertise in the markets of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), having served governments, government-linked agencies, and some of Southeast Asia’s largest companies.

In addition to serving clients, Oliver has a significant interest in developing local companies into regional and global champions. He is passionate about Asian companies succeeding as entrants to the global marketplace and has spoken widely to business councils and in major regional conferences on these issues, including the World Economic Forum on ASEAN and the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit. Oliver is also a frequent commentator on regional growth, having authored the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, Southeast Asia at the crossroads: Three paths to prosperity.

Oliver holds several leadership and advisory roles. He is a member of Singapore’s Future Economy Council, which is chaired by Singapore’s finance minister and comprises members from government, industry, union, and educational and training institutions. At McKinsey, he is a member of the MGI Council, which advises the think tank’s research on global economic, business, and technology trends.

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