How executives should move forward in a post COVID-19 world

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What are the broad implications for executives coming out of the COVID-19 crisis?

There are three big implications for business executives that we’re seeing from COVID. The first is how to maintain the throughput of decision-making that people in organizations are seeing at the height of COVID. Organizations were rapidly making decisions top to bottom and the question is how do they bottle that up? And so we’ve had a number of organizations and executives that are pivoting very hard into enterprise agility as a way to do that in a way to unlock the throughput of decision making, (and making) it much more of the norm.

Second thing is organizations are clearly pivoting into much stronger digitization. Organizations that had very good B2B or B2C front end digital footprints have actually fared quite well through COVID, and organizations are now looking at how can they have a better customer interface as well as how can they do a better job through their organizations by having digitized end-to-end processes and customer journeys.

And the third thing is better access to talent. In fact, one of the implications of remote working has been that you now no longer need to be in and around the central business district or home location of a company. And so it means that you can be in smaller cities across the country, or even in different countries, and working remotely as part of an organization. And so that’s actually going to give many organizations, as well as countries, much broader access to talent.

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