Central Europe

The Central European offices offer you opportunities to help clients transform their organizations and make a real difference across industries.

We are a robust region helping leading private and public institutions within and outside our geographical footprint. Our client base allows you to gain exposure across a range of functions and industries including banking, basic materials, insurance, and telecommunications.

Our colleagues come from different educational backgrounds and bring a variety of experiences. They will help you explore and grow your skills. If you are passionate about digital technologies, you can join Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, or Warsaw, where we have been expanding McKinsey Digital’s presence.



>10 consultants

Belgrade is our newest office in Central Europe with an entrepreneurial culture and friendly, family-like atmosphere. Our consultants are based at home and work in teams on projects around the world.


>20 consultants

We are active across several key sectors of the economy: basic materials, banking, oil and gas, and telecommunications. More than 100 consultants from all across the world have participated in projects with our Romanian clients.


>50 consultants

We are famous for our diversity. Besides our 50 consultant colleagues, we have a large group of specialized professionals within McKinsey Implementation, McKinsey Digital and three different ventures: Finalta, Panorama, and Periscope. The office is located in the vibrant city center with easy access to our local clients who are leading companies in the private and public sector. Our location is also close to several great cultural, gastronomical, and social venues in the city.


>25 consultants

We help clients and major businesses reach sustainable results. We also work with the public sector on preparing and progressing transformation agendas. We are a family-like office with a stunning setting in the center of the city, which is regarded as one of the “greenest” cities in Europe.


>50 consultants

We work for clients representing a wide variety of industries, primarily multinational financial institutions, telecommunications companies, consumer goods producers, local manufacturers, and utility companies as well as public and not-for-profit organizations located in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


>90 consultants

Our consultants define strategies for both Polish and foreign clients in diverse industries such as basic materials, chemicals, consumer goods, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies. We are strengthening our digital presence by growing McKinsey Digital, digital lab, and an advanced analytics hub to help our clients solve their most challenging problems in AI solutions, big data, blockchain technology, digital transformations, and IoT.


>20 consultants

If you are looking for an innovative, entrepreneurial office with a drive for excellence, you will find it all in Zagreb. We help clients in Croatia and the surrounding region unlock growth, build leadership skills, and transform the economy.

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