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We build leaders who can deliver lasting, meaningful impact for Ukraine’s major companies, its economy, and society.

Our Ukraine office serves many leading organizations across all major sectors—including financial services, energy, and the public sector. We help our clients accelerate growth, deliver breakthrough operational and organizational performance, and achieve excellence in everything from finance to operations. With our strong values, entrepreneurial culture, and close-knit office, we attract some of Ukraine’s brightest people, who often have international experience. In all we do, we strive to achieve lasting and meaningful impact—both for our clients and for Ukraine’s broader economy and society.



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Working in Ukraine

A career at McKinsey is an opportunity to work with remarkable people, help shape growth, and build key institutions. We pride ourselves on being a caring meritocracy—you will constantly be encouraged to learn and grow, while building close friendships along the way. We welcome applications from outstanding graduates and experienced professionals.



Together is committed to supporting Ukrainian people—especially women displaced across Europe—by providing them with resources to help them rebuild their lives, find a supportive network, and become economically included in their host countries.

Featured Insights


Disaster recovery: Lessons from around the world

– Our analysis charts a path from disaster to recovery by identifying the building blocks of six successful recoveries from around... the world.

A reflection on global food security challenges amid the war in Ukraine and the early impact of climate change

– Geopolitical and climatic events are impacting the food system’s resilience. Here’s what happened this year, what... may come next year, potential consequences, and considerations that may mitigate the impact.

O&G looks to align an expected price rise with today’s realities

– Many oil and gas companies are currently spending more than they earn, anticipating higher oil prices. If prices do not continue... to recover, 2017 could be a year of reckoning in the industry.

Energy 2050: Insights from the ground up

– How will the world satisfy its need for energy? McKinsey research offers a perspective.

European Private Banking Survey 2016 – Ascending against strong headwinds

– Favorable high-level results in Europe’s private banking sector cannot mask the market forces—including regulatory... factors, heightened client expectations and digital disruption—that continue to create headwinds for the industry. To excel in this environment, private banks may need to push the traditional boundaries of the operating model.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Digital Europe: Realizing the continent’s potential

– Europe is operating below its digital potential. Accelerating digitization could add trillions of euros to economic growth in... less than a decade.

Raising Ukraine's productivity: Banking sector as an engine for growth

– The Ukrainian banking sector has made notable progress in introducing reforms and laying foundations for a more robust future.... Now, significant productivity gains are within reach of Ukraine's banks, which can also improve transparency, reduce informality, and increase access to capital for businesses and individuals.

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