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Factories interconnected by digital cables - illustration

Solving the digital manufacturing disconnect

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Blog Post

Be selective, go fast: The new rules of business productivity

Light rails emerge from a complex tangled web to a structured flow in an image about chaos, organization and management.
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McKinsey and Celonis bring the power of process mining to business transformations
Tall abstract sculptural tower
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McKinsey welcomes SES, experts at estimating capital projects
A warehouse worker takes inventory in the storage room standing next to a shelf and using a digital tablet. - stock photo
Tech-enabled transformations: Three supply chain success stories
Image of a shiny metallic alloy 3D s-curve with orange, blue and purple reflections.
Today’s good to great: Next-generation operational excellence
Multicolored glowing futuristic digital data streams and network structures symbolizing AI concept in a digitally generated image
Generative AI in operations: Capturing the value
 An abstract staircase with multi colored doors on different flights and one door is open with light coming out.
Navigating the new normal: Operations insights for 2024
Control panel. Plant for the production of steel
AI: The next frontier of performance in industrial processing plants
Man stands in a room looking at an avatar of himself. The clone is shown as a hologram.
Digital twins: The key to smart product development
Contrast Hemispheres. Digital generated image of two different texture hemispheres made out of glowing blue turbulent swirl connections on the rights side and dark purple plastic on the left side separated and making impact to each other on black background. - stock photo
Unveiling the next frontier of engineering simulation
" "
From start-up to scale-up: Accelerating growth in construction technology
A group of printing plant engineers talking and working together at a large console
When technology meets operational excellence
Two men looking at a laptop screen
The winning recipe for transforming advanced planning systems

Our People

Enno de Boer
Senior PartnerNew Jersey
Leads the firm’s global work in digital manufacturing and collaboration with the World Economic Forum on technology adoption
Jan Wüllenweber
Senior PartnerCologne
Advises consumer and advanced industry clients on operations-related challenges, including IoT, procurement transformations,...
Kimberly Borden
Senior PartnerChicago
Serves clients in the Aerospace & Defense and Automotive & Assembly Practices, focusing on strategy, operations, and transformational...
Mike Doheny
Senior PartnerAtlanta
Transforms performance for consumer and logistics companies, driving growth and productivity to improve financial performance
Valerio Dilda
Senior PartnerParis
Valerio Dilda is one of the leaders of the Operations Practice in France. His core expertise lies in industrial strategy. He...
Rohit Sood
Senior PartnerToronto
Brings digital-operations and lean-management expertise to help clients in the banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare sectors...
Ketan Shah
Leads supply chain work in North America, helping companies with supply chain design and digital transformations as well as planning,...
Dr. Julian Raabe
Specializes in holistic customer experience and customer-care transformations, deploying next-generation technologies, advanced...
Steffen Fuchs
Senior PartnerDallas
Leads McKinsey’s global work in capital productivity with a focus on digital and innovation. He works across multiple regions,...

Learn more about the impact of digital transformation for Operations