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Ketan Shah


Leads supply chain work in North America, helping companies with supply chain design and digital transformations as well as planning, logistics excellence, and network design

Ketan Shah is a partner in McKinsey’s Chicago office and a leader in the North America Operations Practice where his work centers on supply chain planning with a particular focus on the pharmaceutical and medical products and consumer products industries.

Since joining the firm in 2003, Ketan focuses on operations work and network strategy, supply chain design, diagnostics, planning and digital transformation, inventory reduction, service recovery, lean transformations for plants and warehouses, and SKU optimization and complexity reduction, among other supply chain and operations topics.

Ketan also helps companies embed technology where it matters through his leadership of our alliances with external software vendors in supply chain planning.

Examples of his recent work include the following:

  • delivering a supply-planning lighthouse with SAP IBP software in 16 weeks, resulting in 20 percent inventory reduction and two percent service level uptick at a food-products company
  • leading the digital transformation for a medical-products company for an electronics manufacturer
  • completing a supply chain transformation for a consumer healthcare client by building advanced analytics and weekly control tower processes to deliver significant reduction in inventory and near-perfect service levels
  • leading a series of significant and impactful improvements at a leading pharmaceutical and medical distributor, including customer back-optimized network and supply chain design; recovery of service levels following system rollout; inventory optimization efforts; lean transformations; and last-mile delivery optimization
  • conducting a transformation of the supply chain for a North American electronics company, resulting in notable performance improvement within a few weeks
  • conducting a holistic operations transformation for a health and beauty company, covering a supply chain operating model redesign, lean transformation in manufacturing and warehousing, and cleansheet-based negotiation of all logistics services, sourcing and SKU, and portfolio optimization
  • diagnosing and designing the supply chain for a large multibusiness unit pharmaceutical company across key supply chain processes, including demand, supply, and sales and operations planning, new product launch, distribution, logistics, and designing supply chain organization


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