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Dr. Julian Raabe


Specializes in holistic customer experience and customer-care transformations, deploying next-generation technologies, advanced analytics, and agile approaches to help clients optimize customer interactions and improve overall customer experience

Julian leads the firm’s customer care, e-care, and digital care work in EMEA, advising leading technology, telecommunications, internet, and media companies to shape their customer-interaction strategies and foster customer engagement while capturing growth opportunities in the converging digital world.

Since joining McKinsey, Julian has developed particular expertise in customer- and e-care strategies and operations, focusing on improving the customer experience across the omnichannel landscape. He helps executives optimize customer-care efficiency while boosting the value from their customer service operations, including increasing service-to-sales and customer retention rates. He has extensive experience in applying advanced analytical tools and technologies to help companies optimize operations and overcome the obstacles to providing superior digital customer care.

Addressing an increasingly complex array of digital channels and customer-engagement opportunities, Julian excels at working with a broad and a focused scope—from supporting large-scale mergers and reorganizations to implementing next-generation tools that drive excellence in customer experience, cost optimization, and revenue maximization.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • leading dozens of contact-center diagnostics across sectors, including the telecommunications, banking, insurance, and energy industries, finding opportunities to bring automation and next-generation tools to core operations while deflecting low-value contacts
  • shaping a customer-interaction transformation for a European telecommunications company, integrating technologies and new ways of working while rewinding business architecture to deliver a step change in the customer experience
  • driving a customer experience diagnostic and performance transformation for a leading e-commerce company, improving touchpoint experience and generating positive revenue impact
  • helping a leading European telecommunications company drive a customer experience and efficiency program across all channels, identifying customer needs and developing targeted interventions to enable meaningful touchpoints
  • designing an omnichannel approach for an internet company to ensure consistency in the customer experience, differentiated by customer value and “customer personas”
  • helping to optimize customer-contact-center vendor contracts, assessing the potential for renegotiation through benchmarking performance and introducing alternative contract terms

Interested in raising awareness and fostering conversation, Julian has published articles on the potential and future of customer care and its role in customer experience transformations.

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Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich
PhD, psychology

Emory University, Goizueta Business School
MBA, marketing, strategy, and finance

WHU, Otto Beisheim School of Management