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Pooneh Baghai
Senior Partner, New York
Works with global asset and wealth managers, banks, and insurers on strategic and operational challenges and organizational opportunities
Federico Berruti
Partner, Toronto
Advises leading banks, companies, and governments on automation and artificial-intelligence strategies and implementations and...
Vincent Bérubé
Partner, Montréal
Leverages extensive experience serving leading investors and shareholders on a range of strategy and corporate finance issues
Geneviève Bonin
Partner, Toronto
Advises public-sector organizations on strategy, innovation, and complex transformational programs to improve value realization
Rohit Bhapkar
Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises clients on digital transformations of their core business across a range of sectors with a deep focus in banking
Daniel Brosseau
Partner, Montréal
Advises clients in a range of industries on digital and agile-at-scale transformations
Zak Cutler
Partner, Toronto
Advises clients on issues relating to infrastructure, infrastructure investing, electric power and natural gas, and strategic...
Jean-Philippe De Montigny
Partner, Montréal
Leverages functional expertise to help clients in or near financial distress turn their companies around and optimize their performance
Sandrine Devillard
Senior Partner, Montréal
Leads McKinsey's European consumer and retail sectors with a focus on consumer goods, apparel, fashion and luxury, and commercial...
Miklós Gábor Dietz
Senior Partner, Vancouver
Helps financial services companies and other organizations harness digital technology and stay ahead of emerging trends
Erez Eizenman
Partner, Toronto
Provides deep expertise in business technology to help clients in a range of industries maximize the efficiency and impact of...
Fan Gao
Partner, Calgary
Advises telecommunications and technology clients on topics relating to transformation, technology, M&A, and strategy
Éric Gaudet
Senior Partner, Montréal
Advises companies on business transformations, adapting operating models, management systems, structures, and performance-management...
Sacha Ghai
Senior Partner, Toronto
Leads our office in Toronto and brings extensive experience serving institutional investors across a wide range of issues, with...
Jason Green
Partner, Calgary
Leads work in capital project productivity improvement and capital organization effectiveness for oil and gas, agriculture, mining,...
Louisa Greco
Partner, Toronto
Advises clients on the development and implementation of large-scale transformation programs for substantial performance and health...
Jean-Benoît Grégoire Rousseau
Partner, Montréal
Serves clients in the manufacturing and basic materials sectors on issues related to large-scale productivity and restructuring...
Harold Janin
Partner, Calgary
Leverages expertise in digital and operations transformations and strategy to support global resource-based companies
John Kelleher
RTS Partner, Toronto
Advises on recovery and transformation, drawing on experience as a CEO and private-equity executive to help clients in a range...
Yongah Kim
Senior Partner, Toronto
Supports leading global companies in the finance, infrastructure/EPC, and healthcare industries in transforming their strategies...
Greg Kudar
Senior Partner, Calgary
Advises resource-based companies to help management teams make better portfolio choices and deliver on both capital and operating...
Patrick Lahaie
Senior Partner, Montréal
Advises leading companies in a range of industries on holistic performance transformations and complex turnarounds
Eric Lamarre
Senior Partner, Boston
Serves clients across industry sectors on issues related to strategy, technology-enabled transformations, and large-scale productivity...
Johanne Lavoie
Partner, Calgary
Enhances top-leadership capacity and agility at moments of personal and organizational transitions and supports transformational...
Richard Luft
Partner, Toronto
Advises leading private equity and metals and mining companies on issues involving corporate and investment strategy, capital...
Matías Marcote
Partner, Vancouver
Serves resource-based companies on issues related to operational transformation and optimization of operational and capital expenditures...
Keith Martin
Partner, Vancouver
Supports companies in Canada, the United States, and Australia through large-scale turnarounds and transformations
Andrew Mullin
Senior Partner, Toronto
Works with investor and corporate clients to identify and evaluate investment and growth opportunities and execute on their value-capture...
Robert Palter
Senior Partner, Toronto
Specializes in helping clients identify infrastructure investment opportunities and strategically manage infrastructure assets.
John C. W. Parsons
Partner, Calgary
Transforms large industrial sites and organizations by implementing the latest performance-based approaches and leveraging the...
Andrew Pickersgill
Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises clients on sales and marketing, growth strategy, and operational improvement topics, with depth in the telecom and banking...
Piotr Pikul
Partner, Toronto
Leads McKinsey’s global client service in major capital projects for the basic materials sector, serving leading mining & metals...
Matt Portner
Partner, Toronto
Works with investor and corporate clients across a range of industries on investment strategy, markets scans, due diligence, operational...
Dave Rogers
Partner, Toronto
Leverages expertise in operations to help clients in a range of industrial sectors achieve bottom-line impact through performance...
Brian Rolfes
Partner, Global Recruiting, Toronto
Leads McKinsey & Company’s global recruiting and promotes diversity in the firm
Roger Rudisuli
Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises leading banks, broker-dealers, capital markets infrastructure providers, and asset managers on their core strategic, risk-management,...
Robert Samek
Senior Partner, Toronto
Increases returns on capital and de-risks outcomes by building major projects faster and at lower cost
Erik Schaefer
Partner, Toronto
Focuses on rapidly and sustainably delivering radical performance and health improvements for heavy industrial assets, with an...
Bruce Simpson
Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises aerospace, basic materials, and healthcare clients on operations, performance transformation, cultural change, and continuous...
Rohit Sood
Senior Partner, Toronto
Brings digital-operations and lean-management expertise to help clients in the banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare sectors...
Marcos Tarnowski
Partner, Montréal
Helps large institutional and other principal investors on a range of investment strategy, risk, operational improvement, market...
Marc P. Tellier
Partner, Montréal
Brings deep expertise in leading transformations in the telecommunications, media, mining and financial services sectors, specializing...
Gregory Vainberg
Senior Partner, Montréal
Works with management teams at resource-based companies to improve their strategic choices, investment decisions, project approvals,...
Tiffany Vogel
Partner, Toronto
Advises leading financial-services clients on digital transformations, strategy, enterprise agility, and product redesign, with...
David Wilkes
Partner, Toronto
Advises leading insurance companies and financial services clients on digital and operations transformations that target customer...

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