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Data and analytics for financial advisor growth

PriceMetrix helps firms evaluate their businesses across hundreds of measures including growth, productivity, and client retention using the world’s largest retail wealth-management data set.

Winning wealth management firms achieve organic growth by increasing the productivity of their financial advisors, adding more clients and assets without compromising client experience.

However, it’s difficult to ensure advisors are making the right decisions. Many firms end up instituting guardrails and complex policies around clients, products, and fees that are too rigid and confusing to allow for organic advisor growth.

By providing financial advisors with the data they need to make better decisions, PriceMetrix helps them grow their financial services practices.

What PriceMetrix provides


Helps financial advisors compare their practices to industry standards and top-performing advisors. Managers use ValueOne to track the performance of individual advisors, branches, and regions, gaining insights into what decisions and behaviors lead to business growth


A tool deployed inside the order management workflow system that allows financial advisors to regularly compare their transactional pricing against 60,000 other advisors


A benchmarking tool that provides advisors with a true market reference point from which to price their fee-based accounts. This is especially important during critical moments of a client relationship like proposal development or account opening

PriceMetrix by the numbers


advisors tracked


years of data


retail investors


Unrivaled data

We collect book and record-level data about revenue, transactions, assets, and households from dozens of North America’s top firms to help advisors understand their relative strengths and weaknesses. Executives use the dataset to see exactly where their firm is trailing the competition, and which areas they should focus on improving.

Industry expertise

PriceMetrix has a 17-year track record helping thousands of financial advisors and managers track their performance and implement initiatives to grow their business. We leverage McKinsey’s extensive knowledge of the financial services industry to fully understand our clients’ pain points and priorities.

Proven productivity

Our research shows that advisors using PriceMetrix grow faster and create better client experiences than their peers. We integrate our applications into pre-existing workflows so advisors review best practices alongside their everyday tasks.

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Blog Post

A wealth of data on wealth management

– We’re delighted to announce the acquisition of PriceMetrix, a Toronto-based company which helps wealth management firms harness huge amounts of data improve client service, drive growth, and reduce risk.


PriceMetrix overview

PriceMetrix is a data-driven practice management tool for financial advisors. In this video, Patrick Kennedy, Chief Customer Officer, shares how the solution’s three tools – ValueOne, CommisionCheck, and FeeCheck – provide financial advisors the data they need to build strong client relationships.

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