Healthcare Analytics

We empower leaders across the healthcare value chain with data, analytics, and intelligence solutions to improve healthcare.

We help stakeholders make healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible by leveraging distinctive insights and analytic solutions backed by deep healthcare expertise, proprietary data, and a cutting edge technology platform.

What we do

Market insights

We provide perspectives on the healthcare landscape, from market structures and public health analytics to consumer, employer, payer, and physician insights.

Healthcare value

Our suite of diagnostic and value-assurance analytics allows healthcare organizations to improve and sustain access to high-quality, affordable care.

Operational performance

Our payer- and provider-specific diagnostic and performance-management tools help drive quality, resilience, and stewardship.

Our solutions

Healthcare Market Intelligence

An analytics tool that aggregates and visualizes market-level data to help organizations uncover insights about the present and future market landscapes

Benchmarking to Value

A claim-analytics engine that systematically scans medical and pharmacy spending to identify opportunities to reduce medical costs and close care gaps

Clinical Concept Benchmarking

A benchmarking tool that helps payers identify utilization opportunities, prioritize high-impact initiatives, and use those insights to design initiatives that ensure quality care and safety


A web application that provides transparency and insight into workforce performance for entity and department leaders

Our approach

Our capabilities are powered by deep insights from our healthcare actuarial and clinical experts and a cutting-edge technology platform.

Actuarial Analytics

A solution optimizing growth through deep actuarial, analytic, and healthcare-risk expertise

Nebula Platform

A platform operationalizing the strategic and secure use of healthcare data to deliver insights that transform healthcare systems and organizations around the world

Examples of our work

Improving labor performance of a healthcare-provider system through Workforce HQ

A national hospital system was struggling with transparency related to labor productivity. It spent outsize time and resources on staffing while still experiencing scheduling-management issues and high premium utilization. We partnered with the provider system to provide visibility into department-level performance in productivity, premium pay, and financials through Workforce HQ. The web app helped set a baseline understanding of the current state among its users by facilitating daily departmental-scheduling discussions and enabling entity leaders to focus on departments needing assistance. The hospital system currently has more than 600 active Workforce HQ users onboarded, and it has seen an improvement of more than two percent in labor spending.

Using Healthcare Market Intelligence to support the growth and investment plans of a private-equity company

When a private-equity company aimed to support a five-year growth plan with significant investments in risk-bearing healthcare providers, we partnered with it to design a deep-market analysis and assessment of third-party health plans in the market. Leveraging our Healthcare Market Intelligence platform’s integrated access to proprietary and third-party data, we helped the company quickly build deep insights across market size, profitability, member profile, competitiveness, and market perception. The rapidly developed, nuanced understanding of the company’s precise market conditions has helped it execute market-specific contracting and growth strategies set to double its customer base over the next five years.

Applying Clinical Concept Benchmarking for high-quality, appropriate utilization and cost

When a medical insurer experienced a sharp increase in medical utilization, it asked us for help in diagnosing its book of business, with the goal of uncovering evidence-based hotspots for implementing value-based initiatives. We used Clinical Concept Benchmarking platform to enable an evidence-based assessment and prioritization of initiatives to optimize medical costs. The tool quickly generated insights, revealing risk-adjusted gaps on the insurer’s year-over-year spending compared against third party data, including real-time insights by business lines, products, and geographic segments, as well as our proprietary clinical-risk groupers. Using the insights provided, the client has realized 80 basis points to date on total cost of care through optimized medical costs and improved clinical care.

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