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Product suite designed to drive sustained impact for healthcare providers

Turning insights into action that optimize productivity, spend, and performance

Driving sustainable improvements across a healthcare system is a complex challenge, requiring an increasingly sophisticated approach. According to McKinsey research, roughly 70 percent of performance transformations fail across industries because managers lack the critical tools to achieve ongoing impact.

Having an accurate “single source of truth” can help hospitals balance costs, healthcare outcomes, patient and clinician experiences, and enable administrators to better manage performance against key organizational initiatives and financial targets.

MyHQ enables healthcare leaders to make data-driven decisions by providing key metrics, identifying gaps, and surfacing opportunities.

Key features

Identify pain points

Directly translate them into opportunities for improvement

Deliver transparent insights

Track performance against business goals, understand performance drivers, drill down into key metrics, and analyze department-level insights

Provide automatic updates

Seamless data ingestion provides up-to-date information while maintaining strong data security

Our suite of tools

Our tools help provide transparency and insight into workforce operations, provider operations, and external spending for frontline leaders and operators across healthcare systems

Workforce HQ

  • Helps leaders quickly identify anomalies and assess possible actions to improve financial, operational, and clinical performance
  • Optimizes skill- and role-based productivity for each department, refines targets, and tracks performance to ensure patients are receiving excellent care and clinicians are not burning out
  • Validates whether overtime and contract labor are utilized effectively to meet fluctuating workforce availability and patient demand


  • Enables data-driven staffing decisions and productivity targets across an enterprise using a differentiated “built-up” approach
  • Provides ability to use historic and forecasted future data integrated with department-level nuance
  • Empowers leaders to develop scenarios and make staffing decisions that fit the environment of their health system

Provider Practice Ops HQ

  • Enables data-driven decision making to optimize patient access and physician productivity
  • Provides granular insights into productivity, full-time equivalent allocations, and patient access by specialty, sub-specialty, and individual physicians over time
  • Identifies gaps between committed clinical time and schedulable hours
  • Enables drillable root cause analysis of performance challenges across types of care

Supplies HQ

  • Provides five web-based modules for users across all levels of an organization to enhance the ability for actively managing supply chain spend through best-in-class categorization, proactively identifying new areas of opportunity, and tracking KPIs crucial to managing supply chain performance
  • Analyzes both physician preferred and commodity categories through spend trends, vendor market share, benchmarking, and physician-utilization patterns
  • Highlights price variability anomalies in supply purchasing at an item level

See how our tools work

Workforce HQ is one of our MyHQ tools providing data-driven insights

Examples of our work

Workforce HQ

Enhancing the workforce at a regional health system

A regional health system wanted to strengthen its workforce by improving retention and satisfaction, boosting productivity, reducing excess premium payments, and increasing performance transparency.

Our Workforce HQ tool provided visibility into department-level metrics and helped enable a reduction in total labor costs of roughly two percent after one year of usage.


Improving productivity for a not-for-profit health system

McKinsey is working with a not-for-profit health system to evaluate labor strategies and set targets for improvement.

We have deployed our ProdPlus tool to help the health system identify five to eight percent of potential improvement in productivity while addressing burnout and improving employee satisfaction by limiting stressful understaffing situations. In addition, more than 250 clinical departments have been supported by the available staffing grid and optimized schedule outputs, and three major department categories have been developed.

Provider Practice Ops HQ

Helping reduce patient wait times and improve physician productivity

A medical group within a large academic medical center was experiencing long patient wait times and lower-than-expected physician productivity.

We utilized our Provider Practice Ops HQ tool to help the medical group identify a significant opportunity to improve patient access and physician productivity. Half of the potential impact was captured in the first 12 months.

Supplies HQ

Managing supply chain spending for an academic medical center

A large academic medical center is working with McKinsey on an enterprise-wide transformation. The team identified a need for the health system to invest in digital capabilities to help manage its supply chain spending.

With our Supplies HQ tool, the health system is actively managing its supply chain costs and proactively identifying new areas of opportunity.

Featured Experts

Meredith Lapointe

Partner, Bay Area

Leads healthcare organizations in strategic growth efforts and operational transformations, using innovation and workforce-centric approaches to drive sustainable change

Li Han

Partner, Bay Area – Silicon Valley

Supports US healthcare systems in designing and implementing large-scale transformations, and improving operational efficiency with a focus on workforce excellence, clinical operations, and organization design

Kyle Gibler

Partner, Carolinas

Leads McKinsey’s work on improving health system clinical operations with a focus on innovative care delivery models, digital enablement, and advanced analytic

Will Weinstein

Partner, Chicago

Leads our global healthcare procurement team; serves hospital system clients on external spend management with a focus on clinical engagement, key vendor partnerships, and advanced analytics

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