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Healthcare Market Intelligence

Accelerating speed to action through comprehensive local-market insights

Healthcare is fundamentally local. Leaders across the healthcare value chain need access to clear, consistent intelligence on the market landscape at multiple levels to shape perspectives on opportunities to expand access and scale. However, many leaders must settle for disjointed or incomplete views because they lack the necessary data on demographics, market dynamics, and utilization trends at state, market, and zip code levels to test different hypotheses, uncover valuable insights, and shape actionable strategies.

Healthcare Market Intelligence aggregates healthcare-market-level data sets into a unified analytic experience so that organizations can uncover opportunities for improved access to address inefficiencies in the market and accelerate growth. It aggregates proprietary date with third-party healthcare data—compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)—to visualize and reveal insights related to market demographics, provider and physician landscapes, member enrollment, and service-line-level utilization and pricing.


lives covered demographic and insurance-coverage information


physician records and >95,000 facilities mapped across the United States


claims records from commercial and fee-for-service Medicare populations

Our approach

By presenting otherwise disparate healthcare-market-level data sets through a powerful, intuitive analytics environment, Healthcare Market Intelligence helps users drive strategic planning; optimize access; shape product, service-line, and asset-footprint strategies, and more.

McKinsey expertise

With more than ten years of experience in driving multi-market provider-growth and -diligence efforts, we provide insights from both the payer and provider perspectives into the analytics tool, ensuring a holistic view of the data points that matter most.

Best-in-class insights

Our insights are based on proprietary, market-leading coverage and physician-mapping models. Our insight-based solution combines the best demographic and HIPAA-compliant third-party healthcare data sources available with our models and expertise on the latest trends to deliver superior insights within a single tool.

End-user-focused design

Our analytics engine enables teams to build comprehensive yet actionable insights on the healthcare market through intuitive navigation, curated visualizations, and easy export features. Users can segment data at the micromarket level by using custom combinations of counties, states, and core-based statistical areas.

Key features

Market demographics

Visualize and deep dive into salient trends.

Payer dynamics

Explore market-level enrollment projections, coverage types, and payer share by line of business.

Provider dynamics

Understand facility footprints, physician-group footprints, and market share.

Pricing and utilization

Assess aggregated medical-cost and -claim trends across service lines and sites of care.

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