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The risks and challenges of the global COVID-19-vaccine rollout

– A realistic assessment of the heroic effort to administer billions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines to an agonized global population... is necessary—the stakes could not be higher.

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

– This article updates our earlier perspectives on when the coronavirus pandemic will end. Transition toward normalcy in the United... States remains most likely in the second quarter of 2021 and herd immunity in the third and fourth quarters, but the emergence of new strains and a slow start to vaccine rollout raise real risks to both timelines. We also add a perspective for the United Kingdom.

COVID-19 vaccines meet 100 million uncertain Americans

– More than 100 million Americans are uncertain about vaccination. Public- and private-sector leaders can take action to support... adoption, including incremental investment in the range of $10 billion.

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“Getting shots into arms”: How US states are addressing the vaccine distribution challenge

– COVID-19 vaccine administration represents a significant challenge: States can accelerate progress through five lessons including establishing, enabling, and managing administration capacity.

Unlocking whole person care through behavioral health

– The public, private, and social sectors can all play a role in improving access and outcomes for those with behavioral health... conditions.

COVID-19 Consumer Healthcare Insights: What 2021 may hold

– As COVID-19 vaccination rates grow, more Americans are citing their interest in receiving a vaccine, and many cite satisfaction... with process.

The untapped potential of payer care management

– Payers have an opportunity to improve the ROI on care-management programs while ensuring a healthier experience for members, especially... when considering increased needs from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The future of healthcare: Value creation through next-generation business models

– While the consumption of healthcare services will likely continue to grow, it is unclear that industry profit pools will expand... over the next three years given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare players who develop new and innovative business models will create disproportionate value in this environment, even as they face long-term challenges.

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Coronavirus vaccines progress: What’s next?

The rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccines is having a profound effect on the world. This collection takes a closer look at... the development, rollout and future of vaccines.

McKinsey on Healthcare: 2020 Year in Review

– Amid enormous challenges facing every facet of the healthcare industry in a COVID-19 era, steps have been taken to mitigate the... crisis and create positive change.

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The shift to virtual and home care: An interview with Annie Lamont

– Holistic healthcare, virtual care, and the integration of mental-health care and primary care are among the trends the COVID-19... crisis moved ahead of schedule. Annie Lamont is keeping tabs on them all.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Using ecosystems to reach higher: An interview with the co-CEO of Ping An

– Expect digital to further blur industry lines, supercharge scalability, and loosen geographical restraints for professional services,... says Jessica Tan.

Building a healthcare ecosystem in India: A conversation with Shobana Kamineni

– The COVID-19 pandemic led to public-private partnerships that reflect the evolving nature of healthcare.

‘Making a big company feel small’: An interview with HCA Healthcare CEO Sam Hazen

– Protecting lives and livelihoods and ensuring stability remain the two main objectives for a large healthcare provider.

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Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

Five Fifty: Breaking through in health

– Scientific innovation can speed effective responses to future pandemics and health crises. Here are ten promising innovations.

On pins and needles: Tracking COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics

– Key stakeholders will need to continue to monitor and adapt to new data and new variants emerging across the globe to respond... effectively.

America 2021: Building a bridge to normalcy

– To America’s leaders, innovators, and changemakers: even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, a return to a normal existence... is in sight. Getting the endgame right could save thousands of lives.

Self-care: Meeting contraception needs in Africa

– Adolescent girls and young women in Africa have high unmet needs for modern contraceptives. Concepts centered on self-care can... help meet these needs.

The next phase of COVID-19 is a battle we can win

– It is humanity versus virus, and we are on the cusp of winning, thanks to healthcare and public-sector workers and innovators.

How healthcare services and technology companies can boost productivity with data and analytics

– Building data and analytics capabilities can help them take advantage of robust growth in outsourced health services.

Next-generation payer operations: How to prioritize for success

– A journey-based view for payer operations allows insight into how different functions contribute to strategic value.

Helping US healthcare stakeholders understand the human side of the COVID-19 crisis: McKinsey Consumer Healthcare Insights

– Healthcare stakeholders on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic must understand not only the disease itself, but also consumers’... questions, concerns, and behaviors. Our recent rapid-research effort in the US provides some early insights.

Rebuilding clinician mental health and well-being after COVID-19

– The pandemic has exacerbated existing issues around the mental health of healthcare workers. Providers can learn from other industries... to develop an integrated framework promoting overall well-being.

COVID-19 vaccine: Are US consumers ready?

– While details of COVID-19 vaccine administration are still pending, healthcare stakeholders may want to consider their long-term... plans for consumer engagement in immunization. Here, we discuss the latest insights on US consumers’ reported acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination and considerations for healthcare leaders.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Mental health in the workplace: The coming revolution

– Employees are in need and are demanding better coverage. Here’s how leading companies get mental health coverage right.
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