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Curated reads for Gen Z—and their Z-curious colleagues

Eighty-eight percent of Gen Z doesn’t trust eco-friendly claims

– This week we’re talking greenwashing—and not the kind that involves sweeping endless pine needles out of your living room.

Not so fast: Three realities busting the Gen Z attention-span myth

– Gen Z is infamous for having a short attention span. Young people do love an endless stream of content, and short-form video is king—many spend more than six hours a day watching—but it’s not true that Gen Z can only pay attention for eight seconds.

Gen Zers in the US are ready for some serious spending this holiday season

– Welcome back—this week, we’re getting festive. The US holiday season is here, and Gen Z is ready to spend some serious cash.

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Here’s what that means for its youth.

– Welcome back! And happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday.

Gen Z and year-end reviews season

– Welcome back! I’m hoping this hits my bosses’ inboxes before they give me my performance review (wink, wink).

Can you beat the winter blues with brighter hues?

– Welcome back! In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting shorter. Warding off winter blues is my version of doomsday prepping—and maybe a reason Gen Z loves funky fashion?

Is an easy future only a dream for young people?

– Did you ever play the game M.A.S.H. in school? It’s an American kids’ game where you write down a list of possible options for your future in a few categories.

Does Gen Z humor belong in the workplace?

– Welcome back—this week I commit the cardinal sin of being a joke-explainer.

Europe’s Gen Zers are compassionate about mental health—but not when it comes to their own

– Welcome back—yesterday was World Mental Health Day, but mental health struggles affect millions worldwide every day.

Gen Z will stick around if given more internal opportunities

– Have you ever heard someone scoff that Gen Z workers have “no sense of loyalty”?

Are Gen Zers too trusting with their data online?

– Welcome back—this week, we’re talking about data trust. Do you trust who’s using yours?

Roommates, childhood bedrooms, and $226,000 on rent: Gen Z’s housing future

– In 2019, a study estimated that a Gen Zer in the United States would spend a whopping $226,000 on rent in their lifetime—and that was before the gut punch of recent rent hikes.

Influencer economy: The 24/7 sponsorship market that surrounds Gen Z

– Ads for apparel are part of the ever-growing body of sponsored content that people consume daily alongside regular videos and social-media posts, and they are part of an influencer marketing economy that hit $16.4 billion this year.

Are your Gen Z employees ‘quiet quitting’?

– Welcome—Sarah is back this week, and we’re talking about the latest work buzzword.

Gen Z is craving a more sustainable food system

– Hello again! Our summer interns are here for the second week of our intern takeover. Today, we’re looking at a social issue that’s top of mind for Gen Z: a sustainable and equitable food system.

Gen Z in the workplace. Literally.

– Welcome back. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re in the final stretch of summer—and the summer college break is a time when interns descend on many organizations.

School’s back soon—with a host of problems for Gen Z

– With August in full swing, back-to-school days are just around the corner. This year, make sure you avoid that last-minute scramble for college-ruled composition books (that is, if you still use paper). Internet ubiquity has already set Gen Z’s education apart, but there’s a lot more to the picture.

Gen Z wants to bond with coworkers, but that doesn’t mean we want to follow you

– So while the complicated lines between work and play keep being redrawn, please don’t take it personally if I leave your follow invite in request purgatory.

Gen Z is asking ‘YPMPGAS’ when prices are so high

– If you or a loved one has felt like crying at a gas station pump recently, you’re not alone.

Riding the nostalgia wave: Gen Z is dreaming of the ’80s and ’90s

– This week, in a #throwback—remember when that was a thing?—to yesteryear, we’re talking nostalgia and Gen Z.

Will Gen Z sink or swim the sportswear industry?

– Do you follow a sports team? Ever buy some merch? The NFL’s chief marketing officer said that “if you don’t acquire a fan by the time they’re 18, you’re most likely never going to get them.” A few years ago, execs feared that millennials would be the death of sports fandom—they were largely wrong, but now it’s Gen Z’s turn in the hot seat.

Where does Gen Z get their news?

– Where do you get your news? I get mine from a whirlwind of my favorite digital-newspaper home pages, a couple of podcasts, and the clickbait headlines from my feeds. And of course, push notifications sharing all the news that’s fit to blast.

Making start-up magic: Will your company be the next unicorn?

– Welcome back—while some start-ups have seen their growth slow in recent months, the prospect of a billion-dollar idea still has a hold on Gen Z.

Here’s why it’s a good thing that ~25% of Gen Z is looking to leave their jobs

– Welcome back! Have you seen the memes of employers asking for ten years of experience for an entry-level job? It’s funny because it’s true.

‘Revenge travel’: Last year’s hot vax summer didn’t pan out, but Gen Z is ready to hit the road

– Welcome back—this week, we’re talking about vacations. Bon voyage, everyone.

What do Gen Zers in Asia want?

– Welcome back! This week, we’re looking at the buying, digital, and digital buying practices of Gen Z in Asia.

Should Gen Z care about Davos?

– Welcome back—this week, we’re talking Davos.

A grad’s guide to the new world of work

– It’s graduation season! You may be tossing your cap and doing champagne-spray photoshoots on your favorite campus steps, but soon you could be starting your first professional job. That’s why we’ve got The Graduate’s Guide to the World of Work, a first-stop destination for making sense of the world you’re entering—curated by the Gen Z folks here.

No hybrid option? Then Gen Z might quit

– This week we’re talking hybrid work—is it the best of both worlds?

Playing the Gen Z game

– Welcome back! This week, we’re talking games and gamification—what’s your favorite?

Gazing into the future of space

– May the 4th be with you tomorrow for #StarWarsDay! This week, we're looking to the (real) future of the space industry. Sadly, wookies are not on the agenda.

How to hack your unproductive workplace

– Welcome back—this week, we’re talking productivity hacks. Stick around to the end or you’ll miss how to “bake bread to hire homies.”

Fashionably green for Earth Day

– Fashion is one of the top three categories for Gen Z splurges. But there’s a real divide: half the fashion posts I see are people modeling gorgeous thrifted finds, and half are massive fast-fashion hauls. We’re split on high-quality, long-lasting “slow fashion” versus the cheap, trendy clothes that are quickly made—and just as quickly discarded.

Health for you, the economy, and everyone

– April is Stress Awareness Month, April 7 was World Health Day, and two weeks ago, the McKinsey Health Institute launched with a mission of adding years to life and life to years.

How Gen Z is trying to beat inflation

– Same money, more problems. Inflation is at a 40-year high, and the prices of major Gen Z expenses like gas, rent, food, and tuition are rising especially quickly.

More young adults than ever are identifying as LGBTQ+

– One in five Gen Z adults in the US now identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, according to a recent Gallup poll. Our generation has seen amazing strides when it comes to all people living openly and authentically in all parts of their lives.

How stores can attract more inclusive consumers

– Do your social values shape where you shop? Mine do, and that makes me what’s called an “inclusive consumer.” Like 45 percent of America (and growing), inclusive consumers think that retailers should support and uplift Black-owned businesses and brands.

Introducing Mind the Gap—for Gen Z and the Z-curious colleagues we work with

– Welcome to the very first edition of Mind the Gap, a new newsletter for those of us in Gen Z—and the Z-curious colleagues we work with.