Meet McKinsey’s future workplace experts

Melissa Dalrymple
Brings design thinking to business strategy, defining and scaling meaningful customer experiences that increase customer satisfaction...
Ben Dimson
Advises organisations on all aspects of real estate, with a focus on digital disruption.
Bonnie Dowling
Serves agencies and companies on transformations to improve employee retention and organizational health for hybrid work during...
Vaibhav Gujral
Senior Partner
Pioneering the use of innovative technologies to create competitive advantage in real estate and financial services
Phil Kirschner
Senior Expert and Associate Partner
Advises executive teams on future, post-pandemic workplace strategies and real estate optimization, including the change management...
Stefan Moritz
Senior Expert and Senior Design Director
Empowering employees to deliver stellar customer experience
Rob Palter
Senior Partner, and Managing Partner, Canada
Specializes in helping clients identify real estate investment opportunities and strategically manage real estate assets
Brooke Weddle
Senior Partner
Drives lasting change at scale for global organizations through digital transformation, operating-model redesign, enterprise...

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