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Bonnie Dowling


Serves agencies and companies on transformations to improve employee retention and organizational health for hybrid work during post-COVID-19 recovery

Bonnie serves clients across sectors and industries, including financial-services firms, health systems, insurers, federal and state agencies, and nongovernmental organizations. Her work focuses primarily on organizational transformations as she has deep expertise in virtual and in-person hybrid-work operating models, employee engagement and retention, capability building, and leadership development.

During the pandemic, Bonnie spent much of her time working with clients around the world to design and launch hybrid-virtual operating models. She is passionate about partnering with clients to create a future where work works for employers, employees, their customers, and society.

Recent experience includes the following:

  • leading the firm’s thought engagement on how employers and employees can reimagine working and engage with each other to decrease resignation, improve retention rates, and increase job attraction
  • developing proprietary virtualization potential and assessment tools to provide data-driven insights and inform a hybrid-work roadmap for clients seeking to transform operating models during the pandemic and post-COVID-19 recovery 
  • supporting clients in the design and development of workforce-training programs to prepare for the “next normal” and increase operational efficiencies and organizational health overall
  • leveraging expertise in adult learning and hybrid-work operating models by working closely with clients to design operating models to identify and build the capabilities critical to long-term success

Bonnie was a labor-and-delivery nurse prior to joining McKinsey and remains passionate about public health—maternal and pediatric care in particular. She’s the mom to an energetic kid and partner to a mountain-loving man. Together, they are trying to teach her how to ski.


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Cleveland Clinic
Registered nurse

The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
Clinical instructor


Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

Colby College